Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Speaking Of ...

When Roxy and I went outside this morning about 5am, it was just starting to rain.  We did our business, snuggled back into bed and listened to the rain and a bit of thunder.  Even though it was 60° when we got up for good about 7am, it was a cold 60° - cloudy and with a breeze.  However, neither one of us were detered from enjoying our morning coffee on the deck with the hummingbirds and the Cardinal Family.

You know the Itsy Bitsy Spider song - where the sun comes out and dries up all the rain?  That is what we have now.  The sun is peaking through the clouds, the birds are singing and the breeze is gone.

I now will have the Itsy Bitsy Spider song stuck in my head all morning, maybe the rest of the day.

Speaking of spiders ... While Roxy and I were on one of our nature walks yesterday, I came across this guy.  I searched on Google to see what kind of a spider he (or she) is, but couldn't find anything that came close.  The search didn't last too long, I was getting a bit creeped out looking at all the spider options that God has blessed us with.

Speaking of red ... When one colors their hair 'Red Penny' they get 'Red Penny'.  Especially if it is Red Penny over Red Penny.  The first time I used this color, it turned out great as it was over brown with a bit of red in it.  But Red Penny over Red Penny = Really Red Penny.  I ended up having to recolor my hair Dark Champagne Blonde.  What has happened to simple colors?  I have to wonder who starts out on the career path and ends up being part of the team that comes up with names for color crayons or hair color.

Speaking of wild ... I bought these two bags of wild flower seeds our first summer here.  That would have been the year two thousand and ten.  They have been moved around to various places in the garage for the last two years, and never once did they grow and bloom in their bags.  

I decided to toss them out onto a barren wasteland at the top of our driveway.  I put minimal effort into cultivating a good environment for them to grow in.  Old seed on top of dry hard dirt.  One reaps what one sows, 'cause it has been about three weeks and nothing has come up yet.  Neither has the Alyssum seeds that I bought last year and planted this year.  Note to self ...  if you are not going to plant it in the season that you bought it, don't buy it.

Speaking of all things leafy and green ... Some bug is enjoying a tasty treat of the leaves around here.  The oak leaves seem to pretty popular choice.  

This should have been a clue.

Because I am sure that that nest begat all the caterpillars I have been taking pictures of.

Speaking of a clue ... I have been trying to hide my new 3D butterfly tattoo from Randy.  It has been pretty warm here the past few weeks and I am having a difficult time making excuses to Randy as to why I am still bundled up in sweat pants.  I found that it is just impossible to find socks that fit now.  I got a discount because the tattoo artist but it on up-side-down.  Something that Kat VonD would never do, I am sure.  But, I live in Mountain Home R-Can-Sauce, and we take what we can get here.

Well, now that the tattoo cat is out of the bag, I think that I will pour a glass of wine and wait for Randy to find me.  If I plan it right, I can be two glasses in before he finds me.  Or finds my ankle.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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