Sunday, January 30, 2011


It has been slightly over a year since I developed an interest in taking pictures.  A favorite website of mine, The Pioneer Woman, has a photography page with simple explanations of strange and confusing terms such as aperture, focal length and shutter speed.  Along with input from my good friend Jon and my well-used copy of Nikon D90 for Dummies, I have made great headway in learning how my camera works and how to, most of the time, take a decent picture.

Every month or so, The Pioneer Woman hosts a photography contest.  Each contest has a specific subject matter.  She has done food, the color green (what a wonderful reason to have to buy peanut butter M & M's), water, and bugs, just to name a few.  My favorite is the 'bokeh' assignment that she has had the past two Christmas'.

Bokeh is the blur, or the 'aesthetic quality of the blur' in the picture, or the way the lens renders the out of focus area of the picture.  (That description obviously came straight from Wikipedia.)  Below is an example of a picture that I took and entered in her bokeh Christmas contest this year.  See how the lights from the Christmas tree are all blurry and round?  That y'all, is bokeh.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cabin Fever

If I was ever asked to pose for a calendar, I certainly hope that January is not my month.  I am not a big fan of January.   What's to enjoy?  It is dreary and dull out.  I think bears have the right idea.  Sleep until winter is over.

Although, it has been nice the past few years, being able to see sunshine almost everyday.  That helps in a really big way to get me through to spring.

Y'all in Western Washington - you like to tell yourself that you really don't mind the grayness and some sort of precipitation everyday.  HAH!  Move to sunnier climes and you will find out that you have been lying to yourself for a very long time.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shear Necessity

I am a wine drinker.  I am also a self-taught decorative painter.  I have been known to do both at the same time.

I am just starting to paint again after leaving it behind for a few years.  I enjoy painting and I miss doing it.  I don't have a creative bone in my body, but I think I do an adequate enough job.  I am my own worst critic, so if I can get past that, I would probably do a lot more painting.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Anger Management

I was in a very angry mood for some reason yesterday.   The day had the potential to go very badly for me.  And by default, for Randy, too.

... It was a very bad hair day.  A seriously - wear a hat and don't look in the mirror - bad hair day.

... Severe SDD (Sugar Deprivation Depression)

... I burnt Roxy's popcorn.  Yes, Roxy eats popcorn.  Plain, no salt, no butter, no parmesan cheese.  Made without oil in my trusty Whirly Pop popcorn maker.  And therein lies the problem - no oil equals burnt popcorn.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Of Oatmeal and Cheeseballs

The week before Christmas, Randy, Roxy and I decided to take a day and drive to Springfield, Missouri.  Springfield is about a 2-1/2 hour drive from us.  North, obviously.  The main reason for the trip was to hit Sam's Club to replenish our inventory of paper towels and TP, to refill the freezer and get all the other things that we couldn't live without and feel the need to purchase in bulk.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Early Morning Dog Walker Wanted

My 35 pound alarm clock appears at my side of the bed like a pop up toy each morning.  Anytime in between 6:30 am and 7 am, she first goes to Randy's side of the bed.  When she doesn't get any results there, she trots on over to my side.  I am usually half awake, and sometimes I don't hear her coming.  All of a sudden, she is there like she has sprung out of a Jack in the Box.   She has never, ever jumped up onto our bed.  Roxy hasn't ever jumped up onto the furniture or into the truck.  No, our little princess has to be lifted.  I guess that is a good thing.  Did I mention that she weighs 35 pounds?

I forgot to get her that tiara for Christmas.

Monday, January 10, 2011

What I Learned Today ... or ...

... Roxy's First Snow Adventure
It snowed a smidgen overnight.  More than a smoosh, but less than a bit.  I refuse to say how much in proper decimal numeral system language 'cause I am not good when it comes to actual, real measurements.

Last night, about 7pm, I decided that I needed some comfort from Ben and Jerry in the form of Chubby Hubby.  After much back and forth discussion in my head, I told Randy that Roxy and I were heading to the grocery store.

Friday, January 7, 2011

When You Know You Are Right

There is a saying that goes something like this:

"Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?"

Why can't I be both?

I spent many a year working in an office.  The same office.  I used to wear high heels all the time.  Until I was in my best friend, Laurie's wedding.

It was 1990, or there-abouts.  Laurie chose very pretty dresses for the bridal party to wear and pink pointy toed, high heeled shoes.

I no longer own high heels, so I had to take a picture of all my loafers that are stored in my bin in my closet.  Maybe there are high heels somewhere in there.  If so, I haven't seen them for over four years.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Will Never Run Again

I am adding running and jogging to my list of things to never do again.  Either one is painful.  Especially in Crocs.  Especially when one does as little as possible for exercise.  I do walk and ride my ^%(*# stationery exer-bycle.  However, I do that grudgingly and dislike immensely every single minute.

Randy, Roxy and I were out touring the grounds this afternoon and Roxy hunted down a critter.  I was without my camera, so I ran a mile back to the house to get it and then back up to where Roxy was guarding her treasure.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back To Normal

When I Take Over My World Holiday Decorations Will Be Taken Down No Later Than The Day After Said Holiday!

It is time to suck the air out of the Christmas inflatables, un-tinsel the tree and compost the poinsettia.  Christmas is officially over.

Contrary to what I thought I knew, poinsettias apparently are not poisonous.  If one chooses to eat a poinsettia leaf, it will cause some undesirable tummy ailments.  If the sap gets in your eyes it will cause temporary blindness.  But it's not poisonous.

That sounds like an oxy-moron to me.

Anyway ~

Legend has it, that in Mexico in the 16th century, a little girl was told by an angel to gather seeds and place them at the church altar.  The poinsettia bloomed from those seeds.  The Star of Bethlehem is represented in the shape of the leaf and the crimson color symbolizes the blood from the crucifixion.

December 12th is National Poinsettia Day in the United States.  I think I was cheated for 28 years as I never got that day off when I was working.