Thursday, January 13, 2011

Early Morning Dog Walker Wanted

My 35 pound alarm clock appears at my side of the bed like a pop up toy each morning.  Anytime in between 6:30 am and 7 am, she first goes to Randy's side of the bed.  When she doesn't get any results there, she trots on over to my side.  I am usually half awake, and sometimes I don't hear her coming.  All of a sudden, she is there like she has sprung out of a Jack in the Box.   She has never, ever jumped up onto our bed.  Roxy hasn't ever jumped up onto the furniture or into the truck.  No, our little princess has to be lifted.  I guess that is a good thing.  Did I mention that she weighs 35 pounds?

I forgot to get her that tiara for Christmas.

Randy and I have been staying up later than normal.  I was watching an Ellen DeGeneres show and she had Michael C. Hall as a guest.  He looked familiar, but I couldn't place what show or movie that I had seen him in.  I don't know why I even try to figure it out and don't just go straight to Wikipedia.  He is now in a series called 'Dexter'.  Since I am always on the lookout for shows and movies that we can watch on DVD or thru NetFlix, I thought, what the heck, we can give 'Dexter' a try.

Here are some of good shows that we have watched:
  • Bones
  • 24
  • House
  • The Office
  • The Tudors
Love, love, love The Tudors.  What a lusty bunch, King Henry and his court.
  • Arrested Development
  • Dead Like Me
'Dead Like Me' is hysterical.  It is a cryin' shame that there were only two seasons, but it is worth watching, even worth watching again, something we never do.  Do not, however watch the movie.  The movie has some of the same cast, but I believe that there were different writers used or something like that.  Randy and I very seldom give up on a movie once we have made the commitment to it by inserting it into the DVD player.  We gave up on that one.

I also gave up on Californication less than five minutes into the show.  The title alone should have been a clue for me.  That and that I am not a David Duchovny fan.

Anyway ~

'Dexter' isn't for everyone.  It has a macramé style of dry humor, and of course, the entire plot of the show may be off-putting to those with an aversion to blood.  Or death.  Or blood and death combined.  'Dexter' goes thru a whole lotta catsup.

Such a fancy word, macramé.  The term macramé means 'fringe' in Arabic.  Sailors, in the 1800's, with an abundance of rope on a ship, would macramé on their off hours.  The macramé treasures were then used to barter with once they hit land.  Growing up in the 70's, I know how popular macramé was.  Debbie did it for a while.  It was, though, more popular in the Victorian era than it was in the 1970's. 

Anyway ~

The correct word is 'macabre'.  Dexter is 'disturbing and horrifying'.  Also, it is good, interesting and different.  With no commercials.

I dislike immensely commercials.

I have since figured out that Michael C. Hall was one of the brothers on 'Six Feet Under'.  Thank you, again, Wikipedia.

Oh, and the day after I wrote this, my princess dog climbed up - almost by herself - on our bed.  That stunt has not been repeated.  Yet.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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