Monday, January 10, 2011

What I Learned Today ... or ...

... Roxy's First Snow Adventure
It snowed a smidgen overnight.  More than a smoosh, but less than a bit.  I refuse to say how much in proper decimal numeral system language 'cause I am not good when it comes to actual, real measurements.

Last night, about 7pm, I decided that I needed some comfort from Ben and Jerry in the form of Chubby Hubby.  After much back and forth discussion in my head, I told Randy that Roxy and I were heading to the grocery store.

It had started to snow a bit.  Since we were no doubt in the beginnings of a blinding snow storm, I allowed Randy to chauffeur me.

Really.  Did you actually think that rain, sleet, snow or sunshine that Randy would stay home if the dog and I went out for a drive?

Randy and Roxy stayed in the truck while I went in to get the provisions.  While there were hardly any cars in the parking lot, Randy told me where he would be parked as he dropped me off at the entrance. 

Now, I should say this about me.  I am less than aware of my surroundings at times.  I also do not identify makes and models of vehicles very well.  

Okay, at all.

I very carefully noted the location where he was going to park as I walked into the store.  I got my goodies (and some M & M's just in case) and walked out.  

Here is a bit of the conversation that went on in my head:

"Oh my, it is still snowing.

Oh my, snow is white.

Oh my, the truck is white.  

This isn't going to be as easy as I thought.

Okay, there is a white truck, it's an extended cab and it has some sort of decal on the side, Z-something or other. I think that's what Randy's truck has.  The edge of the tailgate looks right."

I wonder now, in the name of all things holy, why did I think that I could identify his truck in the dark by the tailgate?

I get closer and I notice two things:

1) It wouldn't be like Randy to park between two another vehicles and ...
B) There are decals in the back window.

Hmmm ... that's not Randy.  I turn around and low and behold, there he is, blinking brake lights, honking and yelling out the window at me.  It seems that he has been doing all of the above as I exited the store, getting him nothing but frustrated and flipped off by a man and woman that was walking by.

Thankfully, I am married to the MWMITW (*) and we had a good laugh over it on the drive home.

Anyway ~

Roxy was very excited, running and jumping, licking and eating snow.

It plumb tired her out!

While it snowed enough to have a cozy fire in the fireplace, it isn't enough to get me out of working on our taxes today with Randy.

Oh ... and what I learned?  Crocs are not appropriate footwear in any amount of snow.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

(*) Most Wonderful Man In The World

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