Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Will Never Run Again

I am adding running and jogging to my list of things to never do again.  Either one is painful.  Especially in Crocs.  Especially when one does as little as possible for exercise.  I do walk and ride my ^%(*# stationery exer-bycle.  However, I do that grudgingly and dislike immensely every single minute.

Randy, Roxy and I were out touring the grounds this afternoon and Roxy hunted down a critter.  I was without my camera, so I ran a mile back to the house to get it and then back up to where Roxy was guarding her treasure.

Okay, it really wasn't even close to a mile, and technically, it wasn't even close to running.  More like a quick jog and I ended up walking most of the return trip.  That's because it was uphill both ways.

Okay, it really wasn't uphill both ways, just on the way back.  Well, not really a hill, it was more of a slight incline. 

But still.  I was moving faster than I have moved for a long time.  Faster than I ever want to move again, if I can help it.

I am having trouble breathing.  My chest hurts.  I can't stop coughing.  My eyes are tearing and my nose is running.  It's has been over an hour.  Will my heart rate ever get back to normal? 

Roxy's new friend is an Armadillo.  A Nine-Banded Armadillo to be exact.  The poor thing has the informal name of 'A Poor Man's Pig' and the word 'armadillo' means 'little armored one' in Spanish.  'Little armored one' seems rather contradictory in the case of the giant armadillo that can grow up to six feet long and weigh 130 pounds.

This little guy eats mostly insects and can smell bugs through eight inches of soil.  He isn't able to roll himself into a ball, instead can move fairly quickly with it's short, stubby legs, or dig a trench to lodge itself in to get away from predators.  He had some nasty looking claws.

This is where the armadillo turned and started to charge towards me.  Since I was recovering from my run, there wasn't anything I could do but scream like a girl.

 I am going to revisit my vow never to leave home without my camera.  From now on, it is going to be a new apendage for me and never leave my side.

The really good news?  After putting my tired old body through that trauma, I won't have to use my ^%(*# stationery exer-bycle this afternoon.  I may call it good for tomorrow too.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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