Thursday, January 20, 2011

Anger Management

I was in a very angry mood for some reason yesterday.   The day had the potential to go very badly for me.  And by default, for Randy, too.

... It was a very bad hair day.  A seriously - wear a hat and don't look in the mirror - bad hair day.

... Severe SDD (Sugar Deprivation Depression)

... I burnt Roxy's popcorn.  Yes, Roxy eats popcorn.  Plain, no salt, no butter, no parmesan cheese.  Made without oil in my trusty Whirly Pop popcorn maker.  And therein lies the problem - no oil equals burnt popcorn.

... I dropped my make-shift potholder into the yucky part of roasted chicken drippings.  It is at these times that I wonder why I don't break down and shell out the money for another Ov-Glove.

... Roxy ran away from home to chase Arnie the Armadillo.  Okay, so that wasn't part of my bad day seeings that Randy was the one that had to chase her down, catch her and carry 30 pounds of Roxy the Dog back to the house.  But his pain is my pain y'all.

... I dislike immensely the PhotoShop Elements 9 Organizer.  Randy and I have spent the better part of a month, off and on, trying to find a decent, cost effective, simple photo download program that will allow me to name my pictures what I want to name them and put them where I want to put them.  No such luck.

... I almost burnt my comfort food lunch of grilled (natural) peanut butter and (organic) apple butter on double fiber wheat bread with a sprinkling of sea salt sandwich.

... I almost broke the wine glass I was painting right after I had painted it.

It is quite a phenomenon when the negatives start to stack up in my brain that somehow lets the 'almosts' get piled up in there too.

My mind went to a favorite verse of mine in Deuteronomy 2:3 NIV

"If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always got."

That quote is not biblical, it was actually made by W.L. Bateman, whom I cannot find any tidbits of information on.  Apparently, Mr. Bateman is not Google or Wikipedia worthy.

Here is the correct verse:

"You have made your way around this hill country long enough; now turn north."

I can only imagine how many times our loving Father looks down from above and throws His heavenly hands up in frustration and says:

"Come on, you guys.  Get a clue.  This isn't working for you.  STOP.  Change direction.  Do something different."

I laugh inside whenever I think of this verse.  I guess I can just picture His exasperation, kind of like the exasperation I had in the little things that went wrong in my life yesterday.

So I decided to turn north.

Rather than buy into the pity party of my sugarless life, I decided to find the happy in ...

... the new Papa Murphy's that just opened up in town

... The Tudor's final season on DVD that NetFlix delivered to me

... My new and wonderful paint brushes that came in the mail the day before

... Realizing the benefits of using a card reader with Organizer

... Roxy relaxing on the couch.

Trying to make friends with Arnie the Armadillo is very exhausting.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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