Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sun Sun Sun

If April showers bring May flowers, what did the Mayflower bring?


There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the morning sun after forty days of rain.  Just ask Noah or any Washingtonian.  It rained all day yesterday.  It rained all night.  It was damp and chilly.  Our fire pit is doubling as a wading pool.  So far, Randy and I are 0 for 2 on the having good weather for visitors.  We may just have to keep the bed & breakfast closed until a bit later in the spring.

That isn't our fire pit - that is the ravine below our house that is now flooded.

Cloudy weather makes my insides cloudy.  But I knew that if I just made it through yesterday, that would probably be the last of the spring storms.  Sure 'nough, I woke up to a bit of fog on the lake and sun coming through the living room windows.  

When I lived at home - and by home I mean with Mom, Dad and Debbie - the living room was always called the 'front room' because it was, well, at the front of the house.  The term has now evolved with the times to become a 'living' room, a 'rec' room or a 'great room'.  The living room is now used for those more 'formal' events when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge come for tea and crumpets.  Since I doubt that the newlyweds will ever be visiting my humble home in the Ozarks, I am okay with having no formal room for formal gatherings.  Plus, I have nothing to wear but office attire that is getting frightfully close to being a decade old, or sweat pants and tee-shirts.  If its warm, the dress code is tee-shirts and men's boxer shorts.  (They are mine, not Randy's)

Okay - show of hands - how many of you set your alarms to get up at 0-dark-thirty to watch the royal wedding?  Who taped it and watched it later?

Who tapes things any more?  Should I say who DVR'd it?

Anyway ~

I will admit to setting my DVR to the relative time of the festivities and watching it later in the day.  But I only watched from the arrival of the family to the wedding ceremony.  I fast forwarded from after the vows to the point where the couple walked out of the Abbey.  That was all I wanted to see.

What I do admit to is setting my alarm for Princess Diana's funeral in September of 1997.  I figured that since I bought most of the People magazines with Princess Diana on the cover and contributed in some small way to the circumstances, the least I could do was watch the funeral.  

I still have that VCR tape, but no VCR to play it in.

Anyway ~ 

With the news that the world woke up to on Monday morning, I wonder if the Prince and Duchess are relieved or annoyed that they have been tossed from the spotlight by the fickle press.

Anyway ~

Other than a couple of chilly nights coming up, and a slight chance of thunderstorms on Thursday, I do believe that our weather has taken a turn to calm and beautiful.

Oh, there is nothing like sunshine to put a smile on my heart and a spring to my step.

On another note ... I discovered a couple of months back that I am not the only person in this world that suffers from food issues.  I have a few daily devotions that I read ... wait for it ... daily.  One of my favorites is  Quite a few ladies contribute to the daily devotionals, and one of my favorites is Lysa TerKeurst, who also is the president of Proverbs 31 ministries.  She published a book at the first of the year called 'Made to Crave, Satisfying Your Deepest Desires with God, Not Food'.  

Now, Lysa TerKeurst does not know me and this is just my opinion on her book.  

In no way is this book another 'diet' book.  As the author states many times in the book, on the webcasts and in her blog, we all know the common sense approach to losing weight: eat less and move more.  This book is an biblically honest approach to helping us figure out why we turn to food, (or anything else really), instead of turning to Jesus for strength, help and guidance.

This week, (In)Courage is posting a series of Made To Crave videos on their book club site.  There is a link below to the site.  I had to find the humor in the first video with the background noise of horns honking and such.  Lysa TerKeurst moved to a quieter place in the park on the video for the second day.  That is the great thing about Proverbs31 - they are all normal mothers, daughters, wives, etc, trying to find their way in this world all the while working hard to reflect Jesus in their daily life, and to share that with us.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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