Saturday, May 7, 2011

This Morning

Morning came for Roxy and me about six.  (Jon - I did that right, right?)  She dashed off to do whatever she does in the morning in the privacy of the woods and I started to walk up to the vineyard.  It is a short walk, just enough to stretch and wake up the sleeping joints and muscles.

The vineyard faces east as you get to the top of the little incline.  I love going up there in the morning and watch the sun come up through the trees.

Roxy was dashing about sniffing all the new smells that popped up overnight.  It was a perfectly mild morning and I thought that instead of  using my &^#)* stationary bike, I would put on my tennis shoes and take a walk.

I no more had decided this and told Roxy that I was heading home and I heard thunder in the distance.  Looking up and to the west, I saw the dark clouds that were heading my way.

I debated for an 1/8th of a second and then decided that taking a walk this morning was just not going to happen.  I debated for a 1/16th of a second more and thought that instead of torturing myself with twenty minutes on the &^#)* bike, I would make myself a pot of coffee and sit on the deck and listen and watch the storm.

I cuddled with Roxy in the rocking chair.

I watched the sky change as the storm slowly made is way from the west.

I heard a couple of boats on the lake, either racing to the next great fishing spot or racing to shelter.

I watched the lightening as it bounced off of the lake and then heard the thunder reverberating around me.

I listened and watched the hummingbirds chase each other back and forth between the feeders on the deck.

I felt the temperature changes as the storm came and went.

I listened as the rain hit the tin roof on the woodshed, and then as the drips fell through the leaves afterwards.

I realized that if I missed twenty minutes, four and a half miles and two hundred and fifty calories this morning by not exercising, it was okay by me.

Because I got to sit on the deck with a cup of great coffee while cuddling my dog all the while seeing and listening to all the gifts God gave to me this morning.

There Is No Greater Show on Earth Than Nature
John R McDaniel

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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