Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In The Quiet

It's not often when I take a nap, or really just sit.  Randy and Roxy have mastered the art of napping.  Me, not so much.  Sometimes, I think the three of us can all stretch out on the bed and under the fan and take a family nap, but in just a few minutes my mind starts wandering.  Soon I am thinking about all that I could and / or should be doing.

Then one of the umpteen glasses of liquid that I have had during the day hits my bladder which hits my brain and so I am forced to get up and use the bathroom.  At that point, I may as well stay up and do something constructive.

Like play a video game.

Or read a book.

Or take some pictures.

Last week, however, I discovered something very nice and relaxing.

It is my hammock.

It is an understatement that my hammock takes a lot of room and it hasn't been easy finding the perfect spot for it.  I didn't want it in the direct sun, so with Randy's help, I chose to move it to the lake side of the deck.  That side of the deck is under cover and gets a nice breeze coming from the south west.  

I stretched out in my rainbow hammock and had one of the nicest and most restful naps ever.

It bears repeating ...

I had one of the nicest and most restful naps ever.

It bears repeating ...

...Never mind

Today I did the same thing.  I took out my phone and headphones out with me, as I was planning on listening to the Adele CD that I had just downloaded.

Are they even called CD's anymore?  'Cause I really don't have a CD or anything tangible to hold in my hand.  Just receipt for $10.99 plus tax and a blind trust that these twelve invisible songs will stay put for all eternity.

Anyway ~

I couldn't see (hear?) shutting out the beautiful quiet by putting on headphones.

It did not take me long to relax and listen ...

... to the hummingbirds fighting over the feeders
... to the breeze as it starts in through the leaves and washes over me seconds later
... to the sound of boats on the lake
... to quiet

Just plain 'ole quiet.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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