Saturday, July 23, 2011

Off Kilter

I am looking up 'kilter' on Wikipedia because mine has been off most of this week and the page that I am redirected to is a children's book titled 'The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus', which was written in 1902 by L. Frank Buam, who is known mostly for writing 'The Wizard of Oz'.

This has to classify under the six degres of separation theory ... L. Frank Baum wrote The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus ... he also wrote The Wizard of Oz ... the main character in The Wizard of Oz is Dorothy and my name is ... wait for it ... Dorothy.

These days, with Facebook, Twitter and the remainder of Al Gore's Inter-Web the six degrees has been trimmed down to only three degrees of separation.

Anyway ~

I hop back over to Wikipedia to search for 'off kilter'.  The only note about 'off kilter' is that there is a Celtic-rock band named 'Off Kilter'  that performs in Epcot Center in Florida.

Okay - my six (or three) degrees of separation from the band ... they perform at Epcot Center ... in 1995, Randy and I went to Walt Disney World and we got stuck inside Spaceship Earth at Epcot - the huge silver ball that looks like a giant golf ball.  The ride chugs along up and around inside the ball and we were stopped at a slight incline in the depths of the ball for about an hour.  Finally, the park people turned on the lights and helped us out of the tram and to a side exit.  

The entire Disney experience looses a bit of its magic once the lights have been turned on and you can see all the mechanics of the ride.

Anyway ~

As I said, I have had an off kilter week.  I have been tired and grumpy and hating on everybody 'cept Roxy and Randy.  The little things in life have been getting to me ...

... People not being where they are supposed to be and not doing what they are supposed to be doing

... The doctor refusing to take my blood unless I paid for an office call to get the results when I thought a phone call would do just fine, thank you very much

... Looking at the pictures I took one morning of a mama deer and her baby, only to see that the fawn has an awful injury to it's eye

... Every TV show and movie on is just horrible, absolutely horrible.

Here is some advice ... Don't watch the movies Burlesque or The Ugly Truth or the new TV show on CMT called 'Texas Women'

It would be a serious waste of your time.

Just normal, everyday trials and tests have gotten to me lately.  Getting my undies in a bundle all week is something I am not really proud of, seeings that I am one of the luckiest girls in the universe with great family, great friends, all my extremities in good, working order, a new sock monkey named Lenore and a tub of white chocolate cashew caramel clusters.

Thank you, Shaun, Cristy, Will and Sammy.

And all week long I have been troubling over the question at Faith Barista, "How is God challenging you to keep faith fresh?"  I wanted to be able to have an answer, but nothing, absolutely nothing came to me.

It all started to turn around for me last night when I went to bed.  Roxy was a cuddling maniac and couldn't get close enough to me.  Cuddling with Roxy lifted my spirits a whole bunch.  There isn't much that beats a warm furry creature that loves and trusts you without any complications.

I woke up this morning feeling great.  How great?  Well, The Rascal's 'It's A Beautiful Morning' was playing inside my head.  I learned something completely new and helpful about my iPad before the clock had even struck 7am.  I didn't spill any of my coffee.

I found my answer to Bonnie's question in 1Peter 1:6-9.  Trials, however large or however small, keep my faith fresh.  Trials show me that my faith is real.  Trials help me to know that there is something greater beyond what is currently happening.  

Be sure and make some time and head over to Faith Barista to see how others are answering "How is God challenging you to keep faith fresh?"


Have the BEST day ever!

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