Thursday, February 9, 2012

One Simple Walk

About an hour ago, I was quietly sitting in my allotted spot on the couch working on pictures.  Randy was at the other end of the couch doing what he does, (reading about '56 Chevys) and Roxy was in her center postion perched on the back of the couch so that she can look out the window.  Her job is to guard the house from all sorts of horrible things that may befall it if our protection was left to just Randy and me.

In all actuality, Roxy was probably on alert for Wendall, our UPS driver.  Wendall loves Roxy about as much as we do.  He calls her his princess and gives her not one, but two cookies every time he is here.

Wendall is here a lot.

Anyway ~

As I said, I was quietly working on my project naming a couple of batches of pictures.  I was almost done when Roxy started to squeak.  Every once in a while, in an attempt to show her that she really isn't the boss of me, I ignore her.  The princess doesn't like to be ignored and she promptly started to lick my laptop screen and paw at the keyboard.

Roxy wanted to go for a walk and there was no two ways about it.  I am smart enough to know when to accept defeat.  I put on my coat and boots and on a whim grabbed my camera.  I haven't been taking as many pictures as I would like to - mostly because I don't think I see much that is picture worthy this dreary and dull time of year.

I was wrong.

I have some daffodils that are close to being opened.  I love daffodils.  They are my absolute favorite flower in the whole-wide world.  If I had the energy to dig through clay and rock, I would plant them everywhere.

Unfortunately, there is a plethora of these pesky weeds blooming in the driveway.  I immensely dislike these weeds.  If I pull any after they have gone to seed, the seeds pop.  I am tempted to wear safety glasses, because the seeds always end up in my eyes.  Of course, as a precaution, Randy would like me to wear safety glasses all the time.

In the last couple of days, an unidentifiable furry critter met an untimely demise.

This is what I call the Mouse House 'cause ... wait for it ... a mouse lives in the woodpile.  I try to keep Roxy away from the Mouse House.  All she wants to do is find a playmate.  The other mouse that she 'played' with (ie: pawed to death) didn't get much for enjoyment out of the play date.  Hmmm ... that may be the answer to the picture above this one.

Moss always looks so soft and inviting.  If I didn't have my new cloud bed, I would want to sleep on a bed of moss.

How this clip suddenly appeared on the side of our practically impassible dirt road in the middle of nowhere amazes me.  We have walked down that road many times in the last almost two years and this clip wasn't there until today.  Spooky.  I have never said out loud to anyone but Randy that I know a ghost lives in our house.  I wonder if she lost a clip with googly-eyes.

I find all sorts of interesting fungus to take pictures of.

I have to be quick, but I love to get these pictures of Roxy running with her ears flapping.  Okay, I love taking any picture of Roxy.  This one is especially cute with her tongue out.

Spring has sprung!

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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