Friday, February 24, 2012

Where There Is Smoke ...

It was a balmy 55° and a beautifully sunny morning yesterday.  After our morning walk, Roxy and I decided to play a bit of chase with the frisbee.  We had just finished playing and decided to sit on the rocks and spend some time enjoying the warm sun, the singing song birds, our coffee and each other.

When out over yonder there arose such a clatter
I jumped to my feet to see what was the matter ...

... Roxy ran towards the woodshed and started barking at the trees
Randy came outside and said, "Did you see that cloud of smoke?"

No, I didn't see the smoke.  And, seeings that we live in the forest, I am not sure that I want to see smoke.

Roxy and I went up on the deck where Randy was standing.  Looking out across the trees towards the lake, we couldn't see any more smoke.  Nor were we able to smell smoke.


After a while, we all went back inside to finish our morning rituals.  About thirty minutes later, I got up to freshen my coffee.  Even though I share my coffee with Roxy, she has yet to be polite and offer to fill our cup.

I guess that would be my fault for not teaching her proper Southern etiquette.

Anyway ~

I looked out the window across the gully and I spotted smoke coming up from the trees.  I went out the door that leads to the deck and my heart almost stopped when I saw smoke coming from the trees right below our deck.

Oh, my goodness, the forest is on fire.  

I have to say that I instantly grew roots and was unable to move.  It was like my mind was moving in slow motion trying to rationalize that while it looked like smoke, it wasn't smoke.

It was clouds - and I mean clouds - of pollen blowing off the cedar trees.  The little valley towards the gully below looked like fog had rolled in.  What a sight to see.

According to the Baxter Bulletin, the pollen count here yesterday was at low/medium.  That is hard to believe after seeing the clouds I saw.  I guess I have figured out the hard way that Randy and I are not allergic to cedar pollen.

If we were, yesterday would have been one miserable day.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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