Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quick Trip to Misery

Randy, Roxy and I went on two - count 'em - two adventures this week.  The shock to my system is enough to keep me in bed watching my DVR full of Dateline and Doctor Phil shows for at least two days.

Contrary to the title of this post, neither adventure was miserable by any stretch.  Edna, the voice that lives inside of our less-than-state-of-the-current-art portable GPS, is unable to pronounce Missouri correctly.  It comes out as 'Misery'.

Amazingly, there appear to be no cities in the United States named 'Misery'.  In part caused by the housing crises, long commute times and a horrifically high crime rate, Miami, Florida has the dubious honor of being named 2012's most miserable city.  I bet that won't show up in any literature their Chamber of Commerce has printed.

The word 'misery' also reminds me of the 1987 film 'Misery' starring Kathy Bates - who won an Oscar for her role in the movie - and James Caan.  The movie is based on a Steven King book of the same name.  I am not a reader of Steven King books, and I think the only two movies that I have seen that are based from his books are 'Carrie' and 'Misery.'  That's plenty for me.

Anyway ~

Our first adventure was a trip to Misery, I mean Missouri.  On a Monday afternoon, no less.  While the trip itself wasn't spur of the moment, deciding to leave on Monday afternoon was.  Originally, we planned to drive up to Springfield and back home in one day.

My friend Tammy had come over on Monday morning to have coffee with me.  We visited for about a couple of hours and after she left, Randy and I packed up and headed out.  Leaving in mid-day totally discombobulated me something fierce.  I had that feeling the entire drive up to Springfield that I was forgetting something.  I kept looking in the back seat of the truck to make sure that Roxy was with us.

Springfield has six-lane roads and traffic.

I went to the Battlefield Mall in an attempt to find jeans and intimate apparel at JC Penney.  I was 50% successful and found (ironically with Randy's help) a pair of jeans.  There was no way, however, I was going to pay $7 - $10 for a single pair of undies.

We dined on hamburgers at The Rib Crib.

Roxy and I shared a skinny hazelnut latte.  Okay, two venti skinny hazelnut lattes, with two extra squirts of hazelnut and extra hot, please.  Roxy, like me, loves her coffee, wine and sweets.

The real purpose of the trip was to pick up the short block engine that Randy had ordered.  He has been not-so-patiently waiting to get it for the past month.  He ordered it from CNC Motorsports in South Dakota.  Since we live in such a remote area, it had to be shipped to Springfield for us to pick up there.

Love in a cup.

At one point on the way home, we got stuck behind a noxious tar truck.  At least the smell of skunk was covered up for a while.  I used to believe that skunk was the official road kill of Texas.  I now believe that they are the official road kill of spring.

I failed miserably in taking any good pictures out the window as we travelled through cow and horse country.  No matter which direction we are going, it always seems that the good things to take pictures of are on Randy side.

We got home safely.  Home is good.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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Anonymous said...

Roxy your a a dog after my heart. Great taste "Skinny Hazelnut Lattes!!!" Love it. Tell Mom / Dad to bring you to WA and i will let you have all the larres you want :)