Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Haphazardness

1) I am a Reba McEntire fan.  I am not crazy about her song 'Turn On Your Radio'.  I certainly don't understand 'If I Were A Boy'.  I can't look when she is on a television show performing.  I like the 1980's Reba a whole lot better.

B)  I tried an avocado and didn't dislike it.  I wouldn't put an avocado in the same category as an egg, but I never was willing to give it a try.  Being all kinds of nasty, eggs are in a category all their own.  I would put an avocado in with noodles.  While I don't go out of my way to eat noodles, if forced, I could probably do it without choking.  Eggs, not so much.  Avocados are so nutritious, loaded with potassium - more than a banana even, and with vitamins 'B', 'E' and 'K' and lots and lots of fiber.

3)  I didn't have high hopes for the changes in American Idol this season.  I didn't think that Jennifer Lopez was an asset, I didn't know enough about Steven Tyler to like him or not.  I am glad that I didn't give up on the show.  It is absolutely great this season.  The judges - even Randy - are entertaining.  Every single one of the contestants are very talented.  My favorites to win:  Pia, Casey, James and of course, Stefano - not only because he is good, he's from my hometown.  I do think the girls should quit using feathers as a fashion accessory, however.  Fine for Steven Tyler, over used on the girls.

D)  I have watched Dancing With The Stars since season two.  Last season, they were kind of hitting the bottom of the barrel with the 'stars' that they chose.  I watched it anyway.  This season, it's not worth the time or the space on the DVR.  These people are not stars.  I think a better show to have on would be 'Dancing With Everyday People'.

5)  I dislike immensely the stickers that are put on my vegetables and fruit.  While I understand their importance at the checkout counter, I don't have to like them.  The stickers are unsightly and a pain.  A few years back, I had read that the stickers were edible.  Now, all I can find is conflicting, yet humorous information...

"The glue is edible, the sticker isn't."  

"NO! They are not edible.  Are you six years old?"  

"Yes, they are edible.  I was bored one day at work and decided to eat a couple.  They are chewy and don't taste good, but I ate them anyway."  

"My friend's son's husband's sister's first cousin's daughter ate one and she couldn't digest it.  The sticker sat in her stomach and grew mold".

Word to the wise, err on the side on caution.  Remove the stickers when you get home from the grocery store.  Your fruit bowl will look a lot prettier.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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