Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Whirlwind of A Weekend

Thursday seems so long ago.  That is when Randy and I were on our way to Memphis to pick up Debbie.  

Here it is Tuesday already and yesterday we took Deb back to Memphis to go home.  The poor girl had some trouble getting out of Memphis, which made her miss the connecting flight from Denver to Seattle.  I haven't heard from her yet this morning, but I suspect that she didn't get to her house until the wee hours of the night.

Isn't plane travel fun?  Deb amazes me in so many ways.  One is the yummy sugar cookies that she makes.  Another is her love and talent for gardening.  The one ability that is rare to find in someone of female persuasion is the gift to pack lightly.  Deb can pack for a long weekend so that everything  fits in a bag that fits under the seat in the plane.  No checked luggage at all.  Of course, I have all the things like curling irons, hair dryers, shampoo and even clothes and jackets.  But still, it's an amazing talent.  I could never do it.

Anyway ~

The weather didn't cooperate.  If I didn't know better, I would have thought that Deb brought the yucky, wet, cold and dreary Washington weather with her.  Because it was yucky, wet, cold and dreary out.  

Good thing she didn't come to Arkansas for warm sunshine.

She came to see me.  Insert big, broad grin here.

After our long day in the car, we got home about 7 pm on Thursday.  Even though she had a couple of stops to stretch her legs, Roxy was one happy dog to get out of that car.

We all were.

I showed Debbie around town on Friday and we stopped at Buffalo Coffee to have a cup of ... wait for it ... coffee.  We talked Randy and Roxy into going back to town later for a Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner.

On Saturday we drove to Mountain View for shopping at Mellon's Country Store as well as the antique stores in town.  Deb bought me lunch - a toasted cheese sandwich.  I ate half and wrapped the other half up in a napkin and put it in my purse for later.  Later, I wondered why I did that.  Deb thought I had saved it for Roxy, but no, I actually thought I would need it later.

Even though almost everything is closed on Sunday around these parts, we decided to drive to West Plains, Missouri.  And as predicted, everything but the bail bondsman was closed.  At least it was a pretty drive and the sun had come out for a bit.

We drank coffee and talked.

We ate goodies and talked and laughed.

We relaxed by the fire that Randy built for us and enjoyed each other's company.

We read and we napped.

I can't believe how quickly the days have gone by.  I hope Deb had a good time.  Better yet, I hope that her and Dan are able to drive out next year.

It was so wonderful to see her.  It was so sad to see her walk away.

I love my sister.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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