Sunday, April 3, 2011

Baxter Regional Medical Center

Why can't hospitals just be called hospitals?  Did someone do a study and find out that 'medical center' was much more pleasing to our ears than 'hospital'?  Here is an example of how old I am:  I still refer to Valley Medical Center as Valley General Hospital.

Look around town and see if you have a bowling alley.  Most of them are called 'Family Fun Centers' now.

Anyway ~

I was blessed with an opportunity to visit the Baxter Regional Medical Center recently.  Not only did I get to spend a few hours there late, late into night and the next morning, I also got to ride in the back of a windowless van through town with two men that I didn't know.

Those men now know me a bit better than I know them.

Remember my visit to our new doctor and the two issues that she shelved because we had too much on our plate already?  Well, one of those issues forced Randy to call the aid car for me.

I had had a very productive day, and after dinner I took a pre-bedtime nap.  I woke up to get ready for bed and started to feel horrible.  Have you ever feel so badly that while you know you're not going to, you think your going to die?  That's what happened to me.  I lay there in bed debating whether or not to tell Randy.  I did and he then decided that with the symptoms, it would be best to call 911.

My hero.

Of course, I felt much better by the time the EMT's arrived, but still went with them to the hospital.  I knew I wasn't my normal self because I wasn't cracking jokes every chance I get.

I, you see, think that I am very funny and almost never resist the opportunity try to make someone laugh.

'Try' being the operative word.

Anyway ~

After spending three hours listening to strange hospital music, I was released to go home.  With prescription in hand and instructions to see my regular doctor, I skipped out of the medical center wearing my new one size fits all robe and gripper-footed socks.

Don't they look nice with my new Cheetah print slippers?  I usually get the plain old black Isotoner slippers, but I was feeling spunky.  And no, I do not have the socks on backwards.  There are 'grippers' on both sides of them, so there is no right or wrong, no backwards or frontwards.  Kind of like Graranimals, only different.

Anyway ~

This week, I had my second appointment with Dr 'Smith'.  This appointment was set up at the time of my first visit prior to my midnight run through town.

Strangest thing, she didn't ask me about any of my symptoms, she didn't poke and prod at me.  The only thing she did was to give me a new prescription for the medicine the ER doctor gave me.

I like the fact that she didn't immediately jump into scheduling tests and procedures.  I like that she wanted to give the medicine a chance to work.

Maybe I'll keep her.

That there is a 2XL, one size fits most of the population, regulation hospital robe.  I was not even tempted to ask Randy to take a picture of me modeling the complete ensemble of robe, griper socks and Cheetah slippers.  Randy seeing me all decked out would throw him into a tailspin of passion that one only reads about in Harlequin romance novels.  

Probably would have sent one of us back to Baxter Regional Medical Center.

And since I feel like keeping score ...

Trips to the hospital - I mean - medical center via aid car in the last two years:
          Randy - 2
          Dorothy - 1

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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