Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Opinion Counts

There isn't anything that I am not enjoying about America Idol this season.  Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have ended up, much to my amazement, being a huge asset to the show.  I am even tolerating Randy Jackson just a bit more than I have in past seasons.  Plus, I have a fondness for the watches that he wears.

The judges picked some mighty fine kids to compete.  So, in order of my desire for winning ...

James ~ I love, love, love James.  He seems to be a good kid with a great sense of humor.  I don't think that there isn't one performance that James has done - even from the beginning during the auditions - that has been less than stellar.  At first, I was a bit concerned about him choosing to have the scarf tail be his 'signature'.  It looks like, at least for a couple of shows, the wardrobe people have talked him out of the scarf and last night it looked to be a bit shorter.  I also got worried a couple of shows ago when he talked back to Jimmy Iovine, and I was afraid that he was getting a bit too big for the britches that have the scarf tail.  Last night sealed the deal for me.  Despite the horrible duet paring with Jacob, he shined with his performances.  I hope he wins the whole thing.

Lauren ~ I love, love, love Lauren.  I don't think that her singing is as good as James', but she makes up for it with a giggle and that cute, adorable personality.  I am not even going to hold it against her that her mother is trying to look just like her.  Or that she is alternating between two pairs of cowboy boots.  Or that she seems to have two first names.  Lauren Alaina.  That really can't be her last name.

Scotty ~ Ohh, just how sweet and charming is Scotty?  Even though he comes off as a little bit too 'Larry the Lounge Lizard' for my taste, that young man, can he sing him some country.  The judges urged him last week to sing something different.  I agree that all his performances were starting to all sound alike.  Last night, when he sang 'You've Got a Friend', it started out pretty well but then I thought he was going to turn it into a routine Scotty country song.  But he didn't.  Bravo, Scotty!  If James can have a scarf tail you can keep holding the microphone like a flute and listing to the right.

Larry Laffer is a character in a video game series called 'Leisure Suit Larry' put out by Sierra from 1987 to 2009.  The games follow Larry as he treks to casinos, beaches and resorts and such, with his main goal to charm and impress women.  Balding, dorky and leisure-suit-wearing Larry has absolutely no luck in his quest.   For those of you who are young enough to remember Saturday Night Live in the late '80's, he is kind of like Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd in the "Two Wild and Crazy Guys' sketches. 

Anyway ~

Haley ~ I started out not really caring for Haley that much, but have changed my mind in the past couple of weeks.  I wasn't drawn to what I thought was too self-confident of an attitude.  I think it was the 'oh, well!' way she handled the bright red lipstick all over her face while on national TV that changed my opinion of her.  I like her voice, I like the way she performs, I like the good attitude that she has, even when she is in the bottom three.

Casey ~ Casey is a good singer with an unusual style.  Yes, he can sing.  Heck, I think all of the top twelve proved that they can sing.  At this point, it just comes down to who do you like or dislike, even if those likes and dislikes have nothing to do with their singing ability.  It isn't that I don't like Casey ... well, yes it is.  I don't like Casey.  There, I said it.

Jacob ~ Jacob can go home any time.  He can take his yellow sneakers, loud and plaid jacket and his CZ earrings with him.  He over sings, he over emotes, he over does everything.  Pack your bag, Jacob, if I have anything to say about it, you are going home sooner than later.

If I guess that if I am going to have anything to say about it, I had better get to voting next week.  If James goes home tonight, I am going to be really annoyed.  Because I know that between the phone calls, the text messaging and the online chances that I had, my vote would have made a difference.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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