Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Less Than Ten Days

My iPad mysteriously disappeared last month right about the time that Debbie left to go home.

One evening while she was here, we were talking about how to put Tetris, Bejewelled and Bookworm onto her iPod touch.  Randy and I tend to talk over each other and I could tell from the dazed look on Deb's face that she was quickly calculating how long she had before her plane left for Washington.  In order to convince her to stay, I showed her my iPad and gave her a bag of Cadbury eggs.  The next thing I know, she has an iron grip my both of them and I haven't seen the candy or the iPad since.  I should have frisked her before she left.

Seriously, my iPad is way better to play games on than the little itty-bitty screen on the iPod touch.  That is the main excuse - I mean reason - that I used to trade in my Nintendo DS and Sony PSP to GameStop for an assortment of gift cards for iTunes, PlayStation Network and Wii Ware - I was having a hard time seeing the screen.

I felt like I was celebrating Christmas in May with all gift cards.

I am not going to say this out loud, but I did look at the Nintendo 3DS when I was at GameStop last week ...

Anyway ~

Deb took a liking to my iPad, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to offer her a great sister deal on it.  I, in turn, would then order the iPad 2.

I swore that I wouldn't upgrade to the second generation iPad.  In comparing the two, I really didn't see any new features on the new one that I couldn't live without.

The iPad 2 has a camera.  I have a nice camera that goes most everywhere with me.  On the off chance that I don't have my fancy camera with me, there is a decent one on my phone.  I can't see me holding up my iPad to take a picture.

I knew the iPad 2 was slimmer, lighter and faster than the one I bought last year.  Really, the first iPad isn't like you are carrying a ton of bricks around.  Unless this version of this electronic marvel could make me slimmer, lighter, and faster, I didn't see that as being a reason to change.

And then Debbie came to visit.

It's all her fault y'all.

I have my new case ...

I have my new stylus ...

I just don't have my iPad.

I ordered it a day or two after Debbie left, what I didn't know that Apple was a month out on shipping new orders.  By the time mine arrives, I will have gone a full month without my favorite electronic device.  A full month.  I spend my day checking my account on the Apple site hoping that the delivery date has been moved up.

It hasn't and it probably won't be.

Randy has been nice enough to offer me use of his iPad, but he doesn't have any cool apps on his.

Oh, and I just looked up the pricing on the Nintendo 3DS.  Holy buckwheat!  At a price of $250.00, it will take me a very long time before I can save enough of Roxy's toy allowance to buy one.

And Roxy still needs that Dura Play ball at Harps.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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