Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Lost Day

If it is possible, Roxy has become even more stubborn in the last couple of days.  Tuesday, she decided that she would go exploring up to the neighbor's house.  I tried every thing I could think of to get her to come to me.  I finally had to go to the Cynthia's house where Abby, our housekeeper, was working.  Roxy loves Abby and I knew that if Abby came out, Roxy would come running and Abby could grab her for me.  

Then I could take Roxy back to Russellville and trade her in on a less stubborn dog.

Shame, shame, shame on me.  I am really, really, kidding about that.  I would just as soon give up my right arm than Roxy the Dog.

Yesterday, when we were out in the boat, Randy beached the boat to let Roxy stretch her legs and do other personal business.  Roxy would not come back to the boat.  I couldn't just go chasing after her, though it is very doubtful that I could have caught her.  The shoreline isn't a nice, smooth and flat shoreline.  It is rocky, sloped and one has to be aware of critters that may sting, bite or otherwise attack.  Randy and I resorted to pretending that we were leaving her there.  That brought Roxy close to the water's edge.  Randy got her attention by bribing her with a piece of sandwich and I successfully grabbed her collar and hauled her furry butt into the boat.

Use a leash you say?  Why do that?  This could have been the time that Roxy would start to obey me and come when she was called and not when she dang well pleased.  If this was the time and I had her on a leash, how would I have ever known?

I have now come to realize that the the 'Roxy Coming When She Is Being Called' ship has sailed.

Randy and I have tried everything under the sun to get her to mind.  But if she doesn't want to listen, she won't.  Stubborn with a capital 'S'.  It is hard to believe that this lovable, cuddly lump of fur that is stretched out besides me, sleeping with her head on my lap and snoring like a sailor has frustrated me beyond belief.  

It doesn't help me that today is a lost day.

There are a million and one things that I could be doing, that I want to be doing, but I have spent most of the day, short of running a couple of errands, washing the morning dishes and going for a couple of very short walks, planted on the couch.

It could be a lost day because of spending all day yesterday in the sun on the lake in the boat.

It could be because of being hammered hard in the past couple of days by allergies.  That may be what I get for bragging on the inter-web, in front of God and the less than ten people who read this blog that my 'natural' methods of allergy control were working better than Randy's over-the-counter drugs.

It could be because of my daily diet of monster cookies.  I am almost sick and tired of monster cookies.  (I said 'almost'.)

It could be because of all of the above.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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