Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fair Enough

It's fair time!

Last week, Randy, Roxy and I piled in the truck and headed to the Baxter County Fair.  No, we didn't take Roxy to the fair.  Dogs are not allowed at the fair!  I shudder to think about taking Roxy the Dog into the animal buildings.  It was cool enough out and she is just fine in the truck.  We didn't spend more than an hour at the fair, and that included visiting with friends that we happened across.

To make a day of it, we decided to head to Flippin for lunch at Sodie's Fountain and Grill.

Sodie's has the best, the absolute best fish and chips Randy and I have ever had.  I do believe that Jack and Teri would agree!

Luckily, not only was it a cloudy day, we were aslo able to go during the weekday.  Otherwise, the crowds would have been atrocious.

Our first stop is always the educational building.  Randy and I have this thing - we always try to predict which entries will win the 'Best In Show' ribbon.

This is our pick for the category of 'Black and White - Altered' ...

... For the 'Flower' category ...

... 'Insects' ...

... 'Animals'  Wow!  That dog looks a lot like our Roxy!  No wonder Randy and I picked it for a winner.  And, no, there is not part of the above picture missing.  There just happened to be a fluorescent light in the background.  That really was a crazy-maker for me before I finally figured it out.

Here are the actual winners.  Randy and I were a long ways off.  But, I have to admit we were a bit biased, since we picked the four pictures I entered in the fair.  

But I won four blue ribbons!  Yeah, me!

We visited with the animals ...

... I love this picture.  Y'all can't even tell that I Photo-shopped a big clump of pooh out of it.

Roxy really wants a bunny to play with.

We saw our neighbor at the Sheriff's booth.  Seriously, this man lives up the street from us.  One of Baxter County's finest stopped by our house a couple of months ago to let us know.  

The crowds are forming ...

... To get an early start for a good seat at the New Kentucky Colonel's concert that evening.

This is the commercial building.  A lot of notepads and pens were given out.

So that's where my ruby red slippers went!

The Squish Baby store - the real reason I wanted to go to the fair.  What!  Squish Babies went up to a whole buck?  That's a 50% increase from last year.  Combine with admission to the fair, adding to my family just cost me six dollars.

Can't wait til next year!

Have the BEST day ever!

~ Dorothy

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