Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Have A Friend

I have a friend
A very dear friend
A true gift from God
Just for me

She has known me since I was really little
Yes, I was little, once
She has always seen the potential in me
She has always encouraged me

She has been the voice of comfort and of strength
And of reason
When I was growing up
Young ladies apparently do not wear risqué halter-tops to Meeker Days
As the huge - at least to me - traumas and dramas of teenage-ness threatened to end my world

She is a woman of strong faith
Of strong conviction in the Lord
And God gave her to me
To show me what true faith in Him is

And now, right this very minute
And countless minutes before
And countless minutes to come
She is tired
She is hurting
She is overwhelmed

I want to be with her
I want to hold her in my arms
To comfort her
Just like she has done for me for most of my life

Give her Your rest
Give her Your comfort
Give her Your strength to face the days
One hour
One minute
One second at a time

In You Alone by Kim Hill

I love you, Penny
~ Dorothy

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Bonnie Gray said...

Dorothy, my heart ached for you, as you are standing by your friend's side, praying for her and appreciating who she is in your life. Thank for sharing this touching moment in the jam. Friendship does take faith, esp. when we have to see them go through hurt. May God use you to continue to stay faithful to her in this hard season.