Monday, October 10, 2011

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My, how time flies!  I can't hardly believe that it has been a month since Randy, Roxy and I made a quick trip to Texas.

And quick trip it was - one day to drive there, one day to fix stuff and tidy up the Plano house and then one day to get home.

Then it took the three of us two weeks to recover from the trip.

Words cannot express how excited I was to drive through my favorite state, Oklahoma.  Seriously, this stretch of Oklahoma hasn't gotten any prettier in the year that it has been since the last time we made this trip.

Roxy, our four-legged co-pilot, loves her road trip snacks.  And being our princess dog, she loves me to hand feed her.

This is traffic on Texas' Hiway 75 at McKinney.  Randy and I have dubbed Hiway 75 the official Texas highway of death - kind of like Western Washington's Hiway 18.  We have also decided that skunks are the official roadkill of Texas.

Our favorite Chinese food restaurant in McKinney.  I still have them on speed dial, but they don't deliver to R-Can-Sauce.  I called our order in when we hit the 380 exit off of 75, dashed in to get our dinner, then off to the La Quinta in Plano for the night.

The main reason for the trip was to get a look at the Plano house.  It has been for sale a couple of months now and we have been relying on the help of our friend and real estate agent, Lori Ward, in getting odds and ends done at the house.

Sometimes, you just have to see and do some things for yourself.  We spent the entire day cleaning and fixing.

Roxy escaped from the backyard twice.  Once, when Randy accidentally left the gate open.  He was able to snag her a couple of houses down, following the scent of a neighbors cat to their front door.

The second time was my doing.  I was coaxing her out of the back gate into the garage, thinking that I didn't need her leash, I would be quick enough to grab her by her collar and get her into the house.  I should have known better.

I think I chased her three blocks on foot, Randy following in the car before she just up and decided to get into the car.  Seriously, I didn't know how we were going to catch her.  It had been a long, hot, busy day, with nothing to eat and I was starting to panic.

Needless to say, it was a wine night.  Thank goodness the La Quinta had a corkscrew.

In the afternoon, these two young adults showed up.  I have no clue who they are, but they sure are nice looking young people.

Oh, wait, them's must be my grandkids!  I would have gladly taken them home with me.

This is what you see all around North Dallas - Randy and I call it a 'Sea of Roofs'.

Starbucks!  I got to go to Starbucks!  Twice!

Chick-fil-A!  Trust me, we didn't go to Chick-fil-A.

Rush hour traffic in Yelleville, AR.  Less than thirty minutes to finally be home!

Whether we are gone for thirty minutes or thirty days or anything in between, it is always a blessing to get home safely.

Nothing is better than Home Sweet Home!

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