Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hawgs and Dawgs

Sure signs that fall is here ...

Spiders ...

... Mums ...

... College football

Randy has long been a University of Washington Husky fan.  And by default, so am I.

Years ago, before Al Gore's tube system that is now what we all know is the World Wide Web, there was this thing called radio.

Randy would listen to the Huskies on the radio in the garage while I did whatever it is that a wife who worked 40 + hours a week did on a Saturday.

I sat on the couch, ate bon-bons and caught up on the soap operas that I had taped on the VCR during the week.

That isn't true.

Anyway ~

Randy, then, and even now, felt the need to dash into the house and give me the play by play on what is happening at any given moment.  It didn't matter if I was vacuuming, doing laundry or even on the phone.  Randy hunted me down to tell me the lastest going ons in the game.

It wasn't easy for me to hide in an 1500 square foot house.  At one point, I even made little index cards to hold up when I heard him come in from the garage.

I was quite proud of the creative ways I found to say:

"I don't care."

"Go back in the garage."

"Leave my bon bons alone."

Since it didn't deter him then, and still hasn't, I adopted the 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em' approach to football.

I really don't mind football - or any sports, actually.  Baseball sometimes seems a bit too slow for me, but 'we' don't follow baseball with the intensity that 'we' follow football.  I really have no allegiance to any sports teams, I usually just cheer for whomever has the ball.  Unless there is a team with orange outfits.  Then I cheer for them.

We have decided to take the 'when in Rome' approach and since we live in R-Can-Sauce, the natural thing to do is become a Razorback fan.

I used to call them Warthogs, but since most fans in college sports seem to take things very seriously, it was suggested to me by my in-house college football expert to cease and desist with the silly nickname.

Of course, being from Washington, from Western Washington, from pretty close to the Seattle area, both Randy and I are fair weather Seahawks fans.

If they are winning, we are very supportive.

If they are losing, we keep pretty quiet.

We have been quiet for quite a long time.

Here is what I think is a funny story ...

Randy and I moved to Texas in the fall of 2006.  Besides the very obvious of leaving behind family and friends and everything that was familiar to me, the other difficult thing to leave behind was the church that I went to.

I looked long and hard for a church home in Texas that would measure up to what I left behind.  But I tell you, churches in the Dallas area are huge.




They are not called 'mega-churches' for no reason.

I trot off to test out a local church on Sunday morning, January 7th.  This is the day after the Cowboys have lost to the Seahawks in the Wild Card Playoffs the day before.

Any one from Seattle or Dallas that is up on football trivia knows the story - Tony Roma botched a hold on a field goal attempt and Seattle won the game.

The church that I attended that Sunday after that game?  Well, they said a prayer for Tony Romo during service.

You can bet your last dollar that at the end of service when everyone is eager to welcome a new face, I did not mention that I was from Seattle.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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