Thursday, October 20, 2011

This Could Have Gone Very Badly

Colder weather has finally hit R-Can-Sauce this past week.  After a long, hot summer, and, up til now, a beautiful and warm autumn, cooler weather just seemed to be a dream.  That has all changed and we are even supposed to have temperatures that are at freezing tonight.  It all makes sense when I look at the calendar.  Or go to WalMart and see Christmas paraphernalia everywhere.

Good-bye summer
Good-bye hot weather
Good-bye flip-flops, shorts and tank tops

It was brisk and windy enough yesterday that only long pants would do when we were out and about running errands.

Since there is a bit more of me these days, it wasn't easy putting myself into my jeans.  Out of six pair that I own three fit reasonably well enough for me to show myself in town.  Out of those three pair, not one was traditional 'blue' jeans.

So this morning, leaving a skeptical Randy and Roxy at home, I put on a good attitude and went back into town.  My goal?  To buy me a pair of blue jeans that fit.  I wasn't going to care about the number on the tag.  I just wanted jeans that fit.

I knew this wasn't going to be easy.  First of all, there aren't that many clothing shops in Mountain Home.  Serious shoppers have to travel to Fayetteville, Little Rock or Springfield, Missouri or points beyond.  I wasn't that committed to this project to warrant that kind of drive, although I did think that I would be able to find something suitable.

Nope.  Nothing.  Nada.  It seems as though there is an entire group of woman that have been left out of the clothing industry:  us middle-aged, average sized ladies that just want to wear something that looks nice and fits well.  I don't need fancy embroidery or sparkles on the back pockets, I don't want my - and the world doesn't need to - see my granny panties when I sit down. 

There are just too many options - mid-rise - sits slightly below waist - skinny legs - straight leg - boot cut.  Can't 'they' just make a pair of normal pair of jeans?  It's like toothpaste, way too many options.  What's wrong with a toothpaste that just cleans your teeth and freshens your breath?

But that's another blog.

Anyway ~

I learned real quick to look at the zipper.  If the zipper was less than four inches long, I knew that pair of jeans wasn't going to cover my backside in the way that it should be covered.  The closest I came to finding jeans that fit were a pair of Dickie's at the farm supply store.  Unfortunately,  they were men's jeans and Dickies aren't made for a lady's waist.

Two hours later, I arrived home empty handed.  And a little deflated, despite trying to keep my good attitude.

A very long time ago, I made a house rule - that 'warmers' (sweatpants) were not appropriate going to town attire.

I think it's time I rethink that rule.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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