Sunday, January 15, 2012

I ❤ My ,,,

Anybody who knows me knows how I love my electronic gadgets.  If I didn't have Randy to talk some sense into me, I would break our bank with updating my phone every time a new model came out.

In fact, right after Verizon replaced (for free) the mistake of the Xperia Play, they came out with a new Razr model.  

Randy ended up hiding my car keys so I couldn't get to our neighborhood Verizon store.

Kidding ~

I was writing this blog in my head as we were driving home from Mountain View yesterday.  I thought, if I was forced to rate, in order of love and affection, all my electronic toys, I would have a real problem. The number one spot, without a doubt, would go to my iPad.  I love my iPad.  Not as much as I love Randy and Roxy, of course, but still - I love my iPad.  I would sleep with my iPad if there was enough room in our bed.

That problem is soon to be rectified.  We picked up our new head and foot board yesterday.  Hence, the trip to Wallace Woodworks in Mountain View.  This morning we are heading into town to buy our new mattress.

I wonder if Sleep Mart allows dogs in their store.

Anyway ~

For the most part, I am not a book-buyer.  There are seldom any books that I feel the need to read for a second time.  I love going to the library and selecting an armful of books.  That reminds me, I owe the library $1.80.  I am not sure if I ever blogged about my run-in with Amy at the McKinney library.  I am sure because of that run-in, I am on some sort of list with the Homeland Security Department.  I had better pay my fine before they nab me.

One of the best apps I could have found for my iPad is the Kindle app.  Not only did I find the Kindle app, I also found on the Amazon website books for the Kindle that are offered for free.  I am not talking about the classics, like Little Women and Alice in Wonderland.  These are normal published books.  Every week or so, I peruse the offerings of free books and so far, I have amassed about 350 free books from Amazon.  That isn't to say that just because it's free, I download it.  Nope, my in-house everything researcher would be proud of me.  I read the description of the book as well as a few of the reviews before I decide if it is Kindle-worthy.

And then, just to make things even better, Amazon came out with a Kindle app for MacIntosh.  Glory be, I am able to read all of my books from comfort of not only my iPad, but my desktop and my laptop as well.  And then, here comes the Kindle app for Driod.  My books are on my phone, too!  Isn't technology amazing?  Although, I would like to find that one person who is able to comfortably read a book on a screen smaller than a deck of cards.

I can barely read the caller ID.  That's why I add pictures to as many contacts as I can.

Anyway ~

And then, and then, much to my excitement our local library joined up with Library 2 Go! and now I can electronically check out books from our library to read on my Kindle apps.

Oh, my stars!  Isn't life grand?  What will they come up with next?  I know - an app for reading books on my TV.  Now that is something us eyesight deficient people would make good use of.

I was ordering cous cous on Amazon this week and found out Amazon offered a free lending library to their Amazon Prime members.  The only catch is that one has to own a Kindle device.  The lending library isn't available for the Kindle apps.

Dang it all.

Since I am holding out on Sony to lower the price on the new Playstation Vita, the allowance that I had saved for that new toy was screaming "spend me, spend me".  I went and bought myself a Kindle touch 3g.  Now, I could have spent ten more dollars and bought a Kindle Fire.  But I made a grown up decision that I didn't need all the other features of the Kindle Fire.

I was on the waiting list for Kindle version of 'The Help' at the library.  As luck would have it, the book became available to me the day after I received my Kindle.  It was a cold and snowy day and Randy built me a fire downstairs.  I spent most of the day curled up by the fireplace with my nose stuck to the screen reading.  The Help is a very good book.

My new gadget is amazing.  I can even read outside in the sun without any glare issues.  The only fault I can find with the Kindle is that it doesn't have a backlight.  That makes it impossible to read in low light.  Randy asked me how I liked using it and I told him about the lighting issue.  Within five minutes, my in-house electronic reading device / lighting expert had a handy clip-on LED light heading my way.

Amazon Prime - free two day shipping!

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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