Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So Far, So Good

Well, it is day four of the new year and time to rethink the practicality of those resolutions.  Actually, I didn't make any resolutions this year.  I haven't for quite some time.  Why set myself up for failure?

Well, I am trying to give up sweets.  Again?  Still?  That has less to do with a New Year's resolution and more to do with a daily resolution.  I am on day four.  There is a unopened package of pretzel M & M's taunting me from the pantry.  I didn't like them the last time I bought them, so I have no clue why I put them in the shopping cart.  It's like an invisible force that makes them jump from the shelf to my hands.

Speaking of shopping, Randy and I finally found the ideal time to hit Wally World for our grocery shopping.  Every other Monday, we get up and shower and get out the door.  I figure that we hit the store about 2 - 2-1/2 ahead of our normal getting out the door time.  The shelves were stocked - for the most part, and not nearly as many senior citizens participating in shopping cart races down the bread aisle.  We were in and out of the store and back home having our Mountain Dew and coffee within an hour.  That even includes travel time.

I started of the new year with a tick bite.  This is my third one since we moved here.  It was on my collarbone.  Really?  Out of all the places on me you chose my bony collarbone?  I have just accepted the fact that despite our best efforts at tick and chigger prevention, the little buggers just find me tasty.

That is not a picture of just any old rock.  That rock is our official tick-squishing rock.  If I roll over the ticks just right, they pop like popcorn.  Tina, the tech at Roxy's vet, tells me you can pop 'em by lighting them on fire.  That sounds like something to do on a wine night.

Randy and I have made the big decision of whether to get a king sized bed or not.  It was between a new lens for my camera and a perpetually grumpy family due to lack of sleep or a bigger bed and room to turn over at night.  The queen sized bed that we have had for the past 20+ years doesn't fit the three of us.  Training Roxy to stay off the bed is not an option.  One look from her with those sad puppy dog eyes (see above picture) and both Randy and I melt and run to give in to any and all demands that she has.  The trouble is, our bedroom is quite small and there is only one wall that a king sized bed will fit on.  That wall has a window and I don't want the headboard to cover up too much of the window.

And yes, I know that if I kept Roxy off the bed I probably wouldn't have near the bug bites that I have.  The suffering is totally worth it when she cuddles up next to me, or I hear her tail start to thump in the morning when she realizes that I am awake.

I finished my creative writing class and aced the final exam.  My next plan is to take a class on how to use PhotoShop Elements 9.  That starts the middle of this month.  After that class is over, I am taking another writing course.

Richard and I are expanding on our relationship this year.  I have mastered the first disc of Sweatin' To The Oldies and am now moving on to the second one.  It's a bit harder, and there is a chair, floor work and bottles used as hand weights involved.  I guess that's the silver lining of Randy's favorite beer becoming scarcer in cans.  He is forced to buy bottles instead.  I just hope I don't shake them up too badly for him.

By the end of my six week PhotoShop Elements class, that beer bottle picture will have a bright blue sky, not the washed out one it has now.

That reminds me of the song 'Seattle' and the line "the bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle."  Remember that TV show, 'Here Come The Brides'?  It was on in 1968.  Oh, Bobby Sherman and David Soul.  I loved that show.

I canceled the pre-order that I had on Amazon for my Playstation Vita.  My in-house hand-held gaming device expert is of the belief that Sony is, because of lackluster sales in Japan, going to lower the price on it.  Just to make sure that I get me one one way or another, I kept the pre-order for the Little Big Planet game open.

I have bulbs coming up already.  That means only one thing - spring is surely on it's way.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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