Saturday, December 31, 2011

In 2011 ...

… Roxy played in the snow for the first time.

… Jonathan and Chuck built an addition to our deck.  It was my idea and it was a good one, if I do say so myself.

…  Randy and I completed the project of putting up all the window valances and blinds.  Something that we never seemed to accomplish in any of the houses we lived in before this one.

… We bought my most favoritiest boat of our entire boating career.

… I tried vinegar pie.  It's kind of like pecan pie without the pecans.  The same only different.

… We went to Hot Springs and saw the famous bath houses.

… I showed Debbie that there are trees in the Ozark Mountains.

... Randy put Tom to work.

... We kidded, laughed and loved every minute of the time we spent with Jack & Teri and Jim & Marcia

… I learned in an expensive way that artificial nails aren't for me.

… Roxy met her first (and more than likely only) boyfriend, Charlie.

… I accidentally slammed the garage door opener rope thingy in the back car door (after I was advised (told) not to.  Lucky for me, my in-house garage door repair person was able to repair the damage.

… We had our downstairs carpeted and now it is so very warm and cozy.

… Roxy paws felt river water for the first time.

… I made many hummingbird friends.

… Randy and I seriously considered a sibling or two for Roxy.

… Randy disposed of an old new toy ... 

... and got himself a new old toy. 

… After four mini purges in the past five years, I finally took a deep breath and got rid of most of my old office clothes.  Just like a song, memories of office 'stuff' were tied to certain pieces of clothing.  Once I got started getting rid of everything, I didn't stop until every last bit was gone.  It felt good!

… Squish Baby gained a new brother.  Or sister.  It could very well be either.

… Randy and I became 'those people' who take their dog everywhere and thinks she is cute and adorable no matter what she is doing.

… We didn't move.  We didn't talk about moving.  We stayed put.  Thank you, God.

Have the BEST 2012 ever!
~ Dorothy

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