Friday, December 2, 2011

Devoid Of ... Bereft Of ... In Need Of ... Color

The weather the past couple of days has been ...

... Blessedly beautiful ...

... Splendedly sunny ...

... Wonderfully warm.

That wasn't the case earlier this week.

It looked as though all the color has been drained out of my life.  Overnight the beautiful fall colors turned drab and dull.  It was dreary and grey here, well, it seemed like forever, and my disposition knows it.  I was lacking all kinds of motivation to do anything, but was able to find all kinds of motivation to do nothing.

Even Roxy wasn't interested in doing anything but being wrapped up with her blanket and Monkey on the couch.

I needed to find some color.  I also wanted to take some pictures, but I was fighting a defeatist attitude that told me that there isn't anything outside interesting, so why waste the film?

Despite that attitude, the other day, Roxy and I bundled up and trudged outside in search of some color.  I grabbed my camera, determined to find something, anything that had some life to it and wasn't some shade of brown.

It is amazing what you can find when you open your eyes.

It did Roxy and I good to take a walk through the woods.  It was cold and grey and I got to wear my new winter gear.  I am now fully equipped with a new hat, scarf, coat and boots.  Throw some snacks in my pocket and I'd be a real woods-woman.

I have no clue what is on this oak leaf.  I do know that it was stuck there and I carefully carried it all the way home to ask my in-house nature expert to identify it.  As far as I know, he is still doing the research.

Now, this isn't a colorful picture by any means.  I just thought the leaf looked very relaxed just hangin' out on the branch.  Just wait 'til the next breeze comes on by.

A lone colorful Lagerstroemia leaf.  Lagerstroemia's are better known around these parts as a crepe myrtle.  Crepe myrtle's are a very popular landscape plant in warmer climates.  They grow quickly, are hard to kill, and are tolerant of drought conditions.  They can be trimmed into shrubs, grown into trees and they have really pretty blooms in white or pink.  The two that I have are really tall and lanky and they didn't bloom much this year.  I think I need to shape them up a bit before spring hits.

If I really start to look, I can always find some interesting fungi in the woods.  What is really amazing is that some can last weeks, no matter what the weather and others are gone in what seems to be an instant.

I am very grateful for the couple of sunny days that we had this week.  Even though cloudy weather has returned for a couple of days, I soaked up enough sunshine to hopefully get me through until Tuesday.

I even learned a couple of lessons ...

... There is always something out there that is picture-worthy.  I just have to look for it.
... Cuddling up with Roxy and my magic sleeping blanket until the gloominess passes is perfectly acceptable.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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