Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sleeping On A Cloud

Who knew that a new, king-sized mattress would bring such joy and happiness to my life?

Oh my goodness, I have never looked so forward to bedtime in my life.  And I think Randy and Roxy feel the same way.

Last Friday, Randy, Roxy and I loaded ourselves into the truck and made the approximately one hour journey to Mountain View to pick up the head board and foot board for our new bed.

Wallace Woodworks and Collectables is a family owned business in Mountain View.  Janell runs the store in town, while Jeff, her husband, makes the furniture in their shop, which is about a mile away from the store.  They do a beautiful job on custom-made log furniture and over the past year, have outfitted our dining room, made the tables for our living room, built our bedroom set as well as our picnic table and rocking chairs for the deck.

After we picked up the bed, we stopped and had lunch at the Wing Shack and Burger Grill.  Randy and I debated on the way home if we should stop Mountain Home to look at mattresses, but decided that was a task for Saturday morning.  Roxy had already been in the truck for a while and we just wanted to get home.

Saturday morning it was sunny, but windy and cold, and we set out for town and our local Sleep Mart.  Even though this entire project started because of Roxy, I was polite and didn't ask if I could bring her into the store to help test the mattresses.

Well, maybe I did ask the salesman.  When he looked at me like I had sprouted another head, I pretended that I was joking.  He didn't seem to have much of a sense of humor and I figured my chances of him throwing in a stuffed Serta lamb was practically nil.

Randy and I were able to pick out a mattress without a problem, the criteria being that they would deliver it that same day and take our old set.  The only hesitation that we had was the height of the set together.  Randy was concerned that it would be too high for Roxy to jump up on.

I wasn't that concerned.  You see, I think our dog has springs in her legs.  This dog can jump.  And jump high.  I have seen her, from standing still, jump straight up to a three foot embankment.  Not to mention watching her jump over high grass and downed trees in our woods chasing after rabbits, squirrels and the R-Can-Sauce Grape.

The R-Can-Sauce Grape is a mythical creature that prowls our woods.  He has purple eyes and is a second cousin of Sasquatch.

Anyway ~

No, I was more worried about her OCD and getting all worked up over the rearranging of our bedroom to accomodate the larger bed.  It would be just my luck that we went to all this expense and trouble and then she never slept with us on the bed again.

Well, I didn't need to worry about that.  Nor did Randy need to worry about the height.  Yes, it's tall.  And yes, it's big.

However, this is the best investment that we have ever made.  Who knew that our twenty+ year-old mattress could be replaced by a fluffy cloud of a mattress?  The three of us are climbing up on that bed whenever we get the chance.  After our walk yesterday afternoon, Roxy and I raced each other to the bedroom.  She dozed while I read.  Okay, I may have closed my eyes for a minute.

I'm moving the coffee pot and the refrigerator into our bedroom and stocking my nightstand with treats - both of the canine and human variety.  Never leaving this room again.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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