Sunday, April 22, 2012

Good Things

Randy surprising me with a new cordless vacuum and ...

... A new flashlight.  The ones for the house had a batteries that were either running on dead or completely dead whenever I needed to use them.  Obviously, Randy having to listen to me complain about these useless devices out-weighed the 'never buy your wife anything with a plug' rule.

Good green grapes.  Well, any good tasting fruit at all.  Buying fresh vegetables and fruit had always been a risky adventure at the store where I no longer frequent.  The last time I bought a fresh pineapple at WalMart, it tasted like 'they' grew it in chemicals.  Harps has the most beautiful produce, all fresh and shiny.  Nothing ever looks bruised and abused.  Or tastes like like the stuff I color my hair with.

A relatively clean car - on the inside at least.  I may even get a bit better gas milage with all the Roxy hair and dust that I removed from my car yesterday.  This is one of those things that is so nice while it lasts and it doesn't last long.  With the next trip to town, by the time I get to the end of our road, Roxy hair will be all over the interior again.

My first hummingbird of spring.  According to the local paper, there have been hummingbird sightings since the first of this month.  Those don't count.  Only the ones that I feed count.  I have two more feeders this year - that makes a total of five areas of sugary goodness for the little guys.

OFF! unscented bug repellant.  I am a tick and chigger magnet.  I guess it is all the wine and sugar I consume that makes me so tasty.  OFF! Deep Woods works really well, but it doesn't smell that great.  Since I have to wear the stuff morning, noon and night, I needed something that didn't repel Randy and Roxy at the same time.  This stuff really isn't unscented, but at least I don't have to sleep on the couch when I use it.  Which, come to think of it, if I slept on the couch, that would probably solve a good percentage of the bug bite situation for me.

I bought the best broom in the universe in Mountain View last spring.  It was handmade at the Folk Art Center just out of town.  Yes, it cost a bit more than an O-Cedar, but this broom will last until I have to fly off to another planet.  Did you know that a well made broom should be able to stand up on it's own?  It has nothing to do with the alignment of the planets and stars or the gravitational pull of the Space Station when it is lined up with the CNN satellite.  It is just simple balancing act.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

P.S. - To my precious grandchildren ... I miss you so very much.  Love you oodles, Grandma.

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