Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sleeping With The Enemy

I love spring.  Nothing does my heart better than leaving the dreariness of winter behind me and watching the colors of spring emerge.  Just looking out over to the lake and seeing a hint of green on the trees or watching for random wildflowers that bloom here and there makes me very happy.

In the yin and yang of things, there is always a downfall to good things.

The downfall of spring is pollen.  

Our allergies last spring were awful, but I attributed that to it being our first spring in the Ozarks.  I had seriously hoped that some sort of immunity would be built up in our systems for the following years.

As far as this year goes, I was wrong.

Spring hit early this year for us.  We have been enjoying warm and sunny weather the past couple of weeks.  Because of that, the pollen levels have been unbelievably high.  Randy and I have suffered, really been suffering.  I guess that cedar is about the only thing we aren't allergic to, because everything else has attacked us with a vengeance.  It is bad enough when one of us is feeling less than good, but when both of us are doing poorly at the same time, well, that doesn't make for a happy house.

Between the drug cocktail of ibuprofen, Delsym, a multitude of allergy medicines (and anything else I can get my hands on), lack of sleep because I am too clogged up to breathe and an on-going stomach ailment because of all the slimy stuff draining down my the back of my throat, I am not much to look at these days.  It is impossible to keep any makeup on because of the river of water running out of my eyes.  I am blowing my nose and coughing - sometimes at the same time - in a very un-ladylike manner all hours of the day and night.  And if that isn't enough, for some reason my hair has just given up looking decent on me.

I have a case of the uglies - both inside and out.

It'a a good thing that Randy's eyes are watering as much as mine, so he can't see the mess that I have made of myself.

I have lost all compassion and patience with everyone and anyone ...

... I became frustrated with the young man at Papa Murphy's because they, yet again, put onions on the pizza that I had requested no onions be put on.
... I did not take the 'WWJD' approach when a Jehovah's Witness came to our door last week.
... While at the grocery store, I came very close to losing my temper with the slowness of an elderly gentleman who was carting around his oxygen tank.

That just isn't me.

An attitude adjustment of great proportions is in the works for me.

Roxy isn't immune from allergies , either.  She has been rubbing her eyes off and on and her nose has been drippy.  

It doesn't help Randy and I that Roxy is a pollen carrier.  She walks in the woods, rolls on the green and powdery deck and then snuggles up next to us in bed.

Keeping the Princess Dog off her bed is not an option.  

I can hardly wait until the chiggers make their appearance for the summer.  I am going to have an entire field of them in my bedding.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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