Sunday, April 15, 2012

Roxy the Dog

Roxy loves to be wrapped up in a blanket.  Any blanket will do, but of course she has her own.  She has had this ratty old blanket since she was a puppy.  It is so threadbare that she can see through it.  Because of that reason, it is Roxy's favorite blanket to play 'Blanket Monster'.  

Roxy and I were playing with the remains of Red Dog (we give very imaginative names to her toys).  With my athletic prowess, I managed to toss Red Dog into the tree and I was trying to get it out.  It should be noted that I was about 100 yards away and attempting a toss in the other direction when it ended up in the tree.  And, months later, it is still in the tree.

Doesn't this look painful?  Poor Roxy managed to cut her paw and she had a real tough time walking, running and playing, though it did little to actually slow her down.  Roxy especially had trouble walking in the gravel and there were a couple of times when we (Randy) carried Roxy from the grass to the house to prevent the cut from re-opening.  Tina at the vet's office told me that Neosporin would help.  And it did.  We also give her a half of a Tums when her bubbles get bad and know that peroxide will help her throw up my camera cloths.  Ahh, home remedies.

Roxy has a healthy respect for bees.  We have some pretty wholesome looking red wasps that show up here in the early spring.  When Roxy was just a puppy, she mistook one for a playmate and ended up getting stung on her paw.  Ever since, she has been very selective about choosing friends.

Roxy is the reason, that after forty plus years of being very fastidious about making my bed every single day, rain or shine, in sickness or in health, at home or not, (kidding), I am now happy with just smoothing out the blankets and plumping the pillows.  Forget a bedspread.  I think I have a very nice one, but it is in the closet.  I may take it out if we have company.  Maybe not.  I digress, however, it is not my bed - it is Roxy's bed.

Roxy is my great protector.  She lets me know whenever there is a vicious turtle nearby that is ready to attack and harm me.

I wouldn't trade her for anything.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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