Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hot in R-Can-Sauce

Weather is a common denominator between every single one of us humanoids.   Like it or not, we all have weather.

There is only one word to describe my weather life these days ...

... HOT ...

I am certainly not complaining, just stating the facts.  Although, for some reason this year, I have not adjusted to the heat very well.

The mercury topped out at 111° last Wednesday.  That is three - count 'em - three ones with not one decimal between them.  Or 112°, depending on what thermometer we believe in.  When it gets that hot, in the entire scope of things, what is one degree?  At temperatures into the 90°'s for any length of time, people get grumpy, tired of the heat and tired of trying to stay inside because of the heat.

It seems to me that it has been overly hot for about a year or more.  The winter snow, even the rain and the threats of tornados this past spring are just a foggy memory to me.

It is the kind of hot that I feel like a solid wall of oppressive heat hits me the minute I am outdoors.  It envelopes me and follows me similar to the dirt cloud that follows PigPen in the Charlie Brown cartoons.

At least Randy and I have been able to get up early enough to enjoy the mornings on the deck before it gets too hot.  Roxy has a chance then to roam and hunt and sniff.  Once the sun hits where our rocking chairs are positioned, we pack up our electronic toys, our morning caffeine and Roxy to head inside to the air conditioned coolness of the house.

The other day, Randy brought up the oxymoron (to him) of me drinking my steaming hot coffee in an 80° (or better) morning.  I asked him if he really wanted to live with the woman who skipped her beloved CookieDoodle coffee just because it was hot outside.

I didn't think so.

I immensely dislike window blinds closed in the daytime just about as much as I immensely dislike having the radio and the television on at the same time in the same room.  I have been forced to  keep the blinds closed in the house to, obviously, help keep the sun from heating up the house.  If anything, that gives me the illusion that the house is being kept cooler.

Life is all about illusions, y'all

Monday, while it was still warm and a bit muggy, it was cloudy out.  I could at least open up the blinds a bit to get a bit of outside light in the house.  The thunderstorms were bringing a bit of welcome rain.  It seems that all the trees, shrubs and even the weeds have a wilted, 'I am so tired of this heat' look to them.

This morning, it was only 68°.  That's right - two degrees under 70.  I felt something very strange while sitting on the deck this morning.  A breeze.  Not just any breeze - a cool breeze.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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