Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who Says That Middle-Aged People Don't Know How To Have A Good Time ~ The Final Chapter

Time sure flies whether you are having fun or not.  Here it is August already and if Jack & Teri and Jim and Marcia thought it was hot when they were here in June, well, think again.  

Sadly, here is the last installment of the fun that we all had while they were visiting.  Only this chapter  is missing Jim and Marcia.  I think I may have some of the events out of order here, but who cares?

I left off last when we were at the car museum in Hardy.  After the car museum, we spent some time strolling through town, browsing in a few craft shops, antique shops and gift shops.  

In one shop, I found crosses made from three nails.  I had seen them made before and had always wanted to try to to make one.  One of the crosses was made with orange wire, and I knew that one was for me.  I bought one for Teri, too - she picked out a cross for a key chain - so she will always remember me by.  (As if I am hard to forget!)  The owner was nice enough to recommend that we try Words and Afterwords for lunch.

Since Jack ate all of his delicious lunch without grumbling too much, we all decided he could have ice cream for dessert.  The ice cream shop also was a candy store.  I love me some candy and I bought a bag of bulls eyes for my treat.  Round soft caramel goodness with stuff in the middle that reminds me of the center of an oreo.  I would have taken a picture, but they were all gone before I thought of it.  That's probably a good excuse for Randy and I to motor on back to Hardy.

"Please, Randy, can we go to Hardy?  I just want to take a picture.  Please?  I won't buy any, but if I do you can have one.  Pplleeaassee?"

We drove up to the James A. Gaston Visitor Center.

It is a beautiful visitor's center that overlooks that dam at Bull Shoals.  Randy and Jack love to have their picture taken.  I can tell from the McDaniel 'non-smile'.  I know for a fact, that underneath the sunglasses, the eyes are saying, "Really, Dorothy, another picture?  Take it quick, 'cause I'm not standing here for very much longer."

I've seen that look many, many times.

The best fish and chips in the universe are at Sodie's Soda Shop in Flippin!  Seriously good fish and chips.  Thanks for lunch, Jack & Teri!

Life is short, drink your milkshake first!

 Relaxing on the deck after a hard day.

Makeover day!  Before Teri highlighted and trimmed my hair.  


And after!  Thank you, Teri!

What better way to spend our last evening together?  Sipping an adult beverage, digging through Jack & Teri's change, looking for America the Beautiful quarters that are missing from my collection.  We found only two - and they charged me a buck for 'em!

Kidding ~

So that is that.  The end.  They are there and we are are here.  Although we are separated by over 2100 miles, we are joined together by love and memories.

Jack & Teri, Jim, Marcia and Charlie, too ~
~ We miss you
~ We are so glad to have the opportunity get to know each other all over again
~ We had a great time
~ We love you

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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