Thursday, March 22, 2012

Link and I

I am relatively sure that I was the first one on my block to get a copy of the Wii game 'The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword' when it was released around Thanksgiving of last year.  I immediately started to play it and by the end of December, I had put in over 70 hours of game play.  I figured that I was just over half way through with Link's quest to rescue Zelda.

The game has this wonderful feature that tells a player how much time they have wasted playing a video game.

My in-house eternal optimist is of the opinion that one is not wasting time if one is having a good time.

I am having a good time with the game.  Therefore, no time wasted.

In those hours spent leading Link through deserts, volcanos and forests, I have ...

... Learned to fly my Loftwing.  Not well, mind you, but well enough to get Link to wherever he needs to go.  I have a sneaking hunch that there is going to be some sort of flight challenge later in the game.  I am already nervous.

... Made this mess of my necklace in battling Koloktos in the Ancient Cistern.  I have since learned to tuck the chain inside my shirt during ferocious battles.

... Learned not to keep a glass of wine - full or otherwise - within a four foot radius of my playing space.

... Obtained many great and wonderful tools such as a whip, a hook-shot and a gust bellows.  Items that I wish I could have in my pouch in real life.

... Learned songs on my harp that have made Fi dance and sing.  When I do this in real life, Randy and Roxy tend to run out of the room.

... Guided a mine cart over a roller coaster-esque track.

... Piloted a boat in an attempt to find an invisible pirate ship.  I do know that I can skipper a boat better than I can fly a large bird.

... Learned how to roll flower bombs like bowling balls.

... Spent many a hard-earned Rupees on shields that break and potions that revive my heart-lives.

... Fallen asleep in all the beds around the village of Skyloft to revive my heart-lives.  Once, I woke up next to Kukiel, a five-year-old girl.  That was a bit creepy for both of us.

I am proud to say that I have gotten this far in the game with the minimal use of a game guide.

The reason that I stopped playing Skyward Sword for a couple of months was because I got frustrated with trying to kill the Abysmal Levianthan Tentalus, which is a really bad squid creature at the end of the Sandship level.  Since I couldn't beat him (her?) on one attempt (I demand excellence from myself in all endeavors, including video games), Link and I went on a short 'break'.

I decided to tackle the game last week and wouldn't you know it?  On my second try, I conquered the mean ole octopus with the single glowing eye.

After many failed attempts this afternoon to kill The Imprisoned (for the second time in the game), I gave up to join Randy and Roxy on the deck and watch it thunderstorm all around us.

The Imprisoned isn't going anywhere.  Isn't that what his name implies?

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

P.S. I refuse to make excuses for any badly composed pictures taken of the television screen.  It is not easy to  hold the Wii remote, the nunchuk and a camera all the while trying not to miss an opportunity to slay the beast.

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