Sunday, March 18, 2012


Roxy and I are on the deck enjoying the morning.  I am drinking my coffee and she is watching for critters to either protect us from or to chase.

Maybe both.

Today will be a partly cloudy day, and the last rain-free day before a week of normal spring weather.  Normal spring weather for us is nice warm temperatures and thunderstorms.  

It is quite a feeling to sit here in the quiet of the morning.  Well, not completely quiet.  The cardinal is singing and the woodpecker is pecking.  Oh, my, how I would love to get a picture of that woodpecker.  In the background are the sounds of a dozen other birds and a boat or two out on the lake.  And a random gunshot or two.

Really?  The guns are already out and it isn't even 9am.  On a Sunday, no less.  

The trees are showing the slight hint of their yellow-green new leaves.  The Cercis Siliquastrum, otherwise known as redbud trees, are blooming their beautiful purple flowers.  Yes, redbud trees have purple flowers.  To see them my first spring in Texas was worth the move itself.  They are absolutely gorgeous.

It is mornings like this is why I am always so sad when the coffee pot is empty and mornings come to an end.

Randy has just decided to join Roxy and me.  I asked him what brought him outside.  He said his feet.

There are one too many comedians in this family.

Have the BEST day ever!

~ Dorothy

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