Friday, March 9, 2012

No Woman's Land

Since late last year, Randy has been spending a lot of time in the garage.  Roxy and I wander in there every once in a while to check on him and to bring him provisions.

Armed with my camera, I decided to sneak into the garage and try to find out what as been keeping Randy so entertained.

Lots ...

... of ...

... gauges.

It was my suggestion to hang the original steering wheel from Randy's new toy on the wall.  I sometimes think it is a clock.  It is the perfect kind of clock for retired people.  Get it?  No hands to tell time!

Randy bought this when he was sixteen and was rebuilding a '40 Ford (yes, I said Ford) Coupe at the time.  Marvel Mystery Oil has been made since 1923 (before Randy was born) and it is still made today.  It's just not sold in this neat tin can anymore.

Who is this masked man and what have you done with my husband?

A staple of every garage and workshop.  I have my very own can for the house.  Mostly because Randy knows how I never put things back where they belong and he got tired of hunting his can down.

I am intrigued by these little filters.  I have no clue what they are for, but they are very photogenic.

I do not profess to know ...

... what all these contraptions and gizmos are ...

... I am just having fun taking random pictures.

But, let me impress you with my limited knowledge ...  these are the valves and the valve springs ...

... and this is the handle for the dip-stick.

It wouldn't be a garage without a Chevrolet koozie.  This reminds me of many years ago when Randy had a Stroh's beer koozie.  He claimed that it was his good luck fishing koozie.  It was all sorts of nasty because it was covered in fish innards and bait remnants and gosh knows what else.  He forgot to put it away properly and it flew out of the boat as we were coming home from the Cowlitz river.  I didn't shed a single tear over the loss.

Why, of course there are treats for Roxy and an old packing blanket for her to nap on.  Handing wrenches to Dad can be exhausting.

There is some question on just how William C. Durant (the co-founder of Chevrolet) was inspired to come up with the Chevy logo.  One story is that he saw the pattern of the bow tie on wallpaper in a Paris hotel in 1908.  That story is refuted by his wife, Catherine.  She claims that Mr. Durant first saw the emblem in an advertisement in a Hot Springs, Virginia newspaper around 1912.

Whatever the story, the Chevy Bowtie has been the symbol of Chevrolet since 1913.

Again with the filter.  See how photogenic it is?

 Ah, so this is what has been holding Randy's attention for months.  At least it is orange.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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