Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not Entirely Happy

I didn't have much for high hopes yesterday.  My day started off with my coffee filter folding over in it's little confined space.  Not all the coffee grounds were drenched evenly with the water, and I ended up with a pot of coffee that I could see through.

This would never do.

Since a portion of the coffee grounds were still dry, I debated using them again, but decided against it.  This was the deciding point of the day.  This is where I make the decision for the day to go either really badly or really well.

I am not sure that the last sentence is good English.

Anyway ~

I started out with fresh water, fresh coffee grounds and a fresh filter.

When I make the choice that my day is not going to be determined by a silly pot of coffee, I go all the way.

I thought that I had an appointment to get my hair cut at 11am.  This is my third appointment with this stylist.  We'll call her 'Liz'.  When I first decided to get my hair cut in September, I loved, loved, loved how Liz cut it.  The second appointment, not so much.

While I value a good hair-dresser's advice and am willing to try most anything.  I also think that my opinion counts for something.  Two little things I asked for:  1) Just shape it up, I like the length, so just shape it up and B) I part my hair on the right.

Neither one of these requests were heeded.  

Why, you ask, did I not say something to her?  Well, I kind of look at it in the same way I would if my food was unsuitable at a restaurant.  The restaurant people have control over what is on my plate.  I would rather make my point by not returning to that establishment.  Here I have someone, actually, a whole salon full of someones, with ready access to sharp instruments.

I have never been a fast runner.

The appointment that I had yesterday was actually rescheduled from a couple of weeks ago.  It was originally for Tuesday the week of Thanksgiving, but I was sort of busy that week.  I didn't want to take the time to get my hair cut.  My bangs needed a trim, but I know where our scissors are kept.

I have yet to have anybody say to me:

"Your hair looks great, do you cut it yourself"?

Notice that my eye is open in the picture.  I think that is a bit creepy.  But not as creepy as the picture coming up ...

Anyway ~

There was a certain amount of trauma and confusion over rescheduling that appointment.  Enough that with combined with the lack of 'Liz' doing what I asked her to do the appointment before, made me want to cancel yesterday's appointment and find a new salon.

Hindsight is 20/20.
God gave us intuition for a reason.
When in doubt, don't.

The trauma and confusion over the appointment actually lasted up until I left the house for said appointment.  After receiving apologies galore from 'Liz', we talked about what I wanted done.  I was very specific.  I like the length, so just a trim, minimal product (I can't stand the stiff stuff in my hair) and last but not least -  parted on the right.

Guess which one of those requests 'Liz' listened to?  I left the salon with way too short of a hair style, stiff with goo and hairspray, but it was, however parted on the right.  I had to remind her three times in the hour it took to cut my hair, but parted on the right none the less.

I am sure it is a fine hairstyle.  I am sure that it will grow out.  I am sure that I will not be going back to 'Liz'.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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