Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wild and Crazy Eureka Springs Arkansas

Last week, Randy and I took Roxy on her first overnight excursion to Eureka Springs.

Eureka Springs is eclectic little town, full of cute, quaint and artsy shops.  Most of which were closed for the winter.  It was really, really, really cold.  Our first stop was to check into the hotel.  The second stop was lunch.  We decided on Geradi's for lunch since it was close to where we parked the car with my precious dog in it.  We did find out later that it is unlawful to leave your animal in your vehicle unattended.


Geraldi's is a small pizza and sandwich place on the main street.  I had to find some humor in that I asked for a diet cola without ice, they were out of diet.  I settled on water.  I ordered their veggie sandwich without onions, they were out of artichoke hearts.  The nice young lady that served us suggested grilled chicken.  Wonderful suggestion for my veggie sandwich.  Delicious.

I am trying to find my words to explain Eureka Springs.  It is more of an artist community, with shops that do not have the usual touristy items in them.  The town itself is built on a hill of limestone with lots of beautiful and colorful Victorian bed and breakfasts on windy, steep streets.

Part of the fun is that there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the layout of the streets and most of the time you don't know exactly where you are headed or where you will end up.  We just knew that if we headed downhill we would get to town eventually.

The facts about Eureka Springs according to Dorothy:

There are three candy stores, but are very limited on coffee shops.

When you live for a good cup of coffee and hail from the part of the country where there are coffee shops or espresso stands in every nook and cranny, it is an adjustment to make.

However, this trip wasn't about me.  It was more about Roxy and how would she behave on an overnight stay in a haunted hotel.  

After lunch, we took Roxy on a walk through town.  She is kind of hesitant when it comes to car noises, but she did fine.  It was really too cold to stay outside for any length of time, so we decided to go to the hotel.  

The hotel has two cats, Jasper and Casper.  This is Casper.  He (she?) saw Roxy, but Roxy didn't see him (her?), even though I walked Roxy right up to the chair in the lobby where Casper was lounging.  Casper certainly saw Roxy and had started to get a little hissy.  I thought it best to leave well enough alone and move on.

Later, Roxy saw Jasper across the lobby downstairs.  'Oh boy!  A new friend!'  Everybody and everything is a friend to Roxy.  The worst she could do is beat you to death with wagging her tail.

Guard dog, she is not.

Roxy actually had the time of her life.  She got to sleep on the bed with us, she got a treat of bacon that I smuggled out of the dining room during breakfast, she saw her first cat and was generally adored by all who saw her.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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