Saturday, June 25, 2011

You Know You Are Tired When ...

... You think that the curser on your laptop is a bug so you squash it.

Roxy was up at her regular time this morning.  Early o'clock.  She was bouncing around the bed, trying to wake me up to take her out.  But first we have to play a game of 'I don't want to jump off the bed, so you have to lift me off and I think it really is a game, so I am going to run away from you'.  It is a very annoying game that is played in a dark room on a queen size bed, which is one size too small for the three of us.  I am at a disadvantage in that I am only half awake and trying hard and failing miserably not to wake up Randy while Roxy dances around the bed.

Randy was so kind to ask me if I wanted him to take her outside.  This happens so rarely, Randy getting up early.  I said yes before he would change his mind.

Roxy is not one to cotton to her life and schedule being changed.  She didn't understand why Dad was getting up and dressed while Mom was staying in bed.

And yes, we call each other 'Mom' and 'Dad' to Roxy.  I don't care what y'all think, I love this dog and can't imagine my world without her.

Anyway ~

Roxy decided that me still in bed wasn't quite right, so she tried to paw me out of bed.  I don't know if she lifts weights when I am not looking, but that dog has a set of paws on her that are pretty strong.  And she isn't afraid to use them.

Randy got her down from the bed and took her outside.  I laid there for a bit, and then thought about my iPad that was on my nightstand.  Then I thought about a game that I wanted to play.  Then I got up to use the bathroom.  I went back to bed and turned on my iPad.  Trying to play a game without my glasses on is an exercise in futility.  So I thought I would read my email.  Surprisingly, without glasses, that didn't work out any better for me.

I decided to take serious advantage of the Randy and Roxy getting up early situation, so I snuggled back down into the pillow.

And promptly inhaled a fuzzy.  I got out of bed and went into the bathroom to do my best 'cat with a fur ball caught in it's throat' imitation before Randy got back into the house.  

I need to try to keep the romance alive.

Sleeping in was officially over at that point so I made my coffee and started up my laptop.

That is when I saw what I thought was a little fly on the screen so I squished it.  I know I got it 'cause it stopped moving.  I went to flick it off the screen and it wouldn't move.  Dang, I thought, I must have somehow imbedded the bug into my screen.

Really?  Really, Dorothy?  That is what your tired and frazzled brain came up with?  After a closer look, still without my glasses, I realize that either the bug was either very pointy, or that is my curser that I just killed.

If that wasn't a signal to go back to bed, then almost mistaking my pretty crystal ladybug for my Tylenol sure was.

Now I know why, after twenty-four years, we just now put a television in our bedroom.  I am going to turn it on and take a nap listening to the Dr Phil shows I have on the DVR.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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