Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life Is Too Short For...

...Bad coffee.

When Randy and I go to our favorite place, the Ozarks in northern Arkansas, we usually stay at North Shore Resort on Bull Shoals Lake. On a recent trip, though, Randy and I decided to stay in town. When we made the reservations online, we both got confused as to which hotel we had stayed at once before and ended up choosing the wrong place. Oh, the room was okay. It had everything we needed, a bed, a bathroom and an internet connection. However, the one serious component to a pleasant stay for everyone concerned is the coffee.

I know that hotel coffee will not be as good as the coffee I make for myself at home. But I am trying very, very hard to simplify our road trip experience and not bring so much stuff along. That means not dragging along a coffee making device of some kind. And I used to haul all the coffee making supplies with me.

Digest that for a moment. I used to bring, even on just an overnight trip, all my coffee making things with me. An entire bag with a mini coffee pot, a cup, milk, flavorings and Splenda, and the water to brew it with.

But the coffee situation where we stayed was not to be tolerated. And I tried. For three mornings I was a good soldier and attempted the hotel's coffee, but never got past the first drink before tossing the entire cup down the drain. There was nothing that would have made this stuff palatable.

Each morning, I was more than ready to be in the car promptly at 8 am for the 2-1/2 mile drive up the street to the only coffee shop in town, Buffalo Coffee Company. This isn't Western Washington where there are espresso stands on practically every corner. I think that Mountain Home has exactly 2 espresso stands and one coffee shop.

I would have driven myself, but we had taken the Camaro on this trip.  I have yet to be given my clearance to drive the Camaro.  Heck, we've had it since February and just last week I was issued a key to it.  I have repeatedly asked Randy if I can drive it, he says not until I have a key.  Then I ask him for the key, he says not until I drive it.  My head is spinning.

Anyway ~

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Nothing beats having good coffee. I was one happy girl. And by default, Randy was one happy guy.

On this trip we started out staying three nights, but ended up staying an additional night. And we changed hotels. To one with more better coffee.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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