Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Adventures in Hair

I color my hair with over the counter hair color.  I don't care who knows that fact about me.  Since moving to Texas, I have never cared less about my hair.  Oh, I do want to look nice, of course.  But with the wind that blows without fail nearly everyday, it's useless to worry about it.  And I am not about to shellac my hair with hairspray.

A good hair day for me is my barometer on the wind volicity.  The better the hair day, the stronger the wind will blow.  The worst though, is when my hair blows into my lipstick.

I dislike immensely getting hair in my lipstick.  But I will never venture anywhere without lipstick or lip gloss.  I will go without hairspray and on the rare occasion makeup, but never without lip gloss.

I don't get my hair cut that often, either.  In fact, we were here for over a year before I actually got my hair cut by a professional.  You see, I thought I could cut it myself.  When that didn't work, I asked Randy to do it.  

It was the first time that he said "NO" to me with such emphasis that I actually believed he meant it.  I think he was having flashbacks to the time I thought that I would be able to give Sam (my teacup poodle) a hair cut with Randy's beard trimmer.

That didn't work out so well for Sam or the beard trimmer.  It seems that if beard trimmers were meant to be poodle trimmers, 'they' should put that on the box somewhere.

After a few half-hearted attempts trying different stylists, I finally found Amanda.  Her salon, Erica's on the Square, is in downtown McKinney.  Amanda is a wonderful stylist and she doesn't judge me on my do-it yourself hair color.  I have all the faith in the world in her to tell me if and when I need to go in a different hair direction.  I leave her salon feeling beautiful.

Then two steps out the door, into the wind I go.

The time is coming to color my hair.  I love the anticipation of picking out a new and exciting hair color at Kroger.  I'll give you a minute to comment among yourselves about my seemingly dull life.  I do have hair color manufacturing standards.  I do invest in a name brand - I don't just go for inexpensive.  I am worth it.

I wonder if The Dollar Store sells hair color?  I wonder if they still sell pregnancy detection kits?  I have always been curious as to who would put their trust in a pregnancy test from The Dollar Store.

Anyway ~

It really doesn't matter what color the box contains or what color the instructions say you will end up with verses what color you start with.  It's always a surprise.  And you know how I know that my hair color is acceptable?  When Randy makes no comment whatsoever.

I look forward to my hair adventure every six weeks.  That moment of anticipation as I unwrap the towel...  Will this be it...  The time that I will have to pay hundreds of dollars for color correction at the salon.


As a precaution, I have 9 - 1 - Amanda on speed dial.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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