Wednesday, July 28, 2010

16 Miles? Really?

Here I go trashing Oklahoma again.

The only thing pretty that I have ever seen in Oklahoma was the sun setting on the Red River.  I'll give Oklahoma credit for this, even though the Red River is the state line between it and Texas.  The sun sets in Texas, too, y'all.  I have mentally kicked myself a hundred times that I didn't have Randy turn around so that I could get a picture.  It was beautiful.

There's the tent caterpillar situation.  All long I-40 and Highway 69 there are tent caterpillars in most every tree.  Huge nests of them.  Now, if I were to be honest, there are also tent caterpillars in Arkansas.  But only because they are migrating from Oklahoma.

My intention was to insert a handy fact about tent caterpillars here.  After looking them up on Wikipedia, I am not sure now if they are tent caterpillars or fall webworms.   And I don't think that asking Randy to stop along I-40 so that I can inspect insects would go over very well.

Here's another reason to dislike immensely Oklahoma.  Most states have a welcome center just over their state line.  Oh, no not Oklahoma.  From I-40, going west across the Arkansas border, the welcome center and rest area are 16 miles into Oklahoma.  Not exactly what I was hoping for after traveling for four hours with my morning coffee and a puppy in her crate.

Although I do have to mention that Roxy handled the rest area situation a whole lot better than I did.  I think I was more anxious about her first lengthy trip in the car than she was.  But every time I dared a glance back at her, she was sound asleep.  I had to resist the urge a couple of times to take her pulse.  Mainly because I couldn't reach that far from the front seat due to a couple of sore muscles in my back from dancing with her a couple nights ago.

At one point during the drive back to McKinney, I mentioned to Randy that with Roxy's easy, lazy, laid back personality, she certainly takes after me.  It only took him a second or two to roll his eyes about that comment.

Truly, I could take a lesson or two from this dog:

Eat slow and just what you need
Drink plenty of water
Play hard
Rest hard
Don't bite
Go slow and be a bit cautious when you are learning something new
Trust those who love you
Treats are better when you work for them
Kisses and cuddles are for the benefit of both the giver and the givee

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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