Friday, August 6, 2010

Opps, We're Doing It Again

Randy and I have been married 23 years this past May.  I think it’s been 23 years.  Since together, we don’t quite make one fully functioning adult, I remember the month and the day and he remembers the year.

Marriage is a partnership, after all.

In that 23 years, we have moved no less than six times, averaging slightly less than four years at each house.  And we are about to do it again.

For any one of my faithful readers, all five of you, ya’ll should know by now how much Randy and I enjoy the Mountain Home area of Arkansas.  We have decided to make what we hope and I pray is our last move.  We have bought a beautiful log home on Lake Norfork with six acres.

My main reason for moving is that Will and Sammy are getting older and I want to leave town before they find out that I’m not as cool as they think I am. 


Of course, we will miss Will and Sammy (and their parents!).  There is some consolation in the fact that we are only a day’s drive away and I told the g-kids that we will be back for school, sports or church events.  Shaun has relatives in Kingston, Arkansas, which is only two hours from us.  We have a small apartment over the garage / shop for them to stay in.  Randy will love to take them all out fishing, something that Will and Sammy have been begging him to do for four years.

There are two huge lakes in the Mountain Home area, one is Norfork and the other is Bull Shoals.  Did I say huge?  And obviously, since we are in the Ozark’s Mountains, the terrain is well, mountainous.  Not like Mount Rainier and and the Cascades, but mountains none the less.

Shorelines of both lakes are owned by the Army Corps of Engineers.  And while our property line butts up against the Corp line, we cannot build or clear on the Corp property.  They do allow some docks on the lake, but they keep strict control of where and what type of dock.

Most of our property is wooded and on a slight incline.  Randy is grateful for no lawn to mow.  Although, he is certainly milking recovery from surgery that he had on vertebra in his neck and has had a nice young man mow the lawn at the McKinney house.  

The surgery was last August.

With six acres, there will be plenty of exciting things for me to take pictures of.  I have already taken portraits of a toad and a turtle.  There is an assortment of wildflowers, trees and bugs.

With six acres, there will be plenty of room for Roxy to sniff, eat and explore.  Although, with a bit more beagle in her than we planned on, Randy and I will be watchful of her hunting instincts.

Did anybody notice that the pictures above are out of order?  With my penchant for being organized, I should have put the critter pictures in the order of species mentioned.  I am flat out too tired to worry about it now.  Though, there is every possibility that it may bug me enough to change later on.

I have always admired people who were able to move away from where they were raised, away from family, friends and all things familiar to the unknown.  I never, ever once thought that I would be moving to Texas after living in Western Washington my entire life.  And now, I am doing it again.

I have loved the (almost) four years that we have spent in Texas.  Randy never quite acclimated himself to the crazy Dallas traffic and insane drivers and doesn’t feel too badly about leaving that behind.  

He will now have to deal with retired people with huge boats of cars going less than the speed limit.

I'll have to check to see if I can say 'ya'll' anymore.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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