Saturday, August 28, 2010

Girls Day Out!

Mid-June, before Randy and I started the whirlwind that was our move to Arkansas,  Sammy and I had a Girls Day Out. Will was spending the week with his church group doing mission work in Dallas, so that left Sammy and I to be wild and crazy at Stonebriar Mall all on our own.

Sammy was sad that we left Grandpa alone at home, but I assured her that Grandpa would be just fine.  I know if we would have asked him (begged him?) to go with us, Randy would have.  In my sub-conscience, I heard the keys jangling in his pocket as he patiently (?) waited for us to finish looking at clothes, toys, and Hello Kitty treasures.

There are two sounds in this world that remind me of my dad from when I was a kid.  The first is waking up early in the morning when he was getting ready to go to work.  He drank his coffee with milk and sugar and I would hear, from my bedroom, the sound of the spoon hitting the side of the coffee cup as he stirred the coffee.  The other sound is of keys and change jangling in his pocket as he (not so patiently) waited on the girls in his life to finish what they were doing.

Anyway ~

Fronted with Grandma Dollars, our first stop was the Disney store.  There are lots of treasures to be had at The Disney Store.  Toy Story 3, Snow White and all the other princesses, Mickey and Minnie and the gang, there is a toy for everyone.  One of the characters we were on the lookout for was something called a Puffle from something called Club Penguin.  Sadly, they had not yet received their shipment of Puffles.

But thank the Dear Lord for the energetic young lady that was working in The Disney Store.  For without her, we wouldn’t have discovered Disney’s latest, the Pook-a-looz.  Pook-a-looz are stuffed characters, only done in a felty, retro look.  Sammy had her eye on Pluto.  Since The Disney Store was our first stop, we had quite a bit of mall to cover.  I was able to convince Sammy we should do a bit of looking around first, and we could always come back for Pluto.

Next stop, Candy World.  We got outta there with less than $3.00 in Grandma Dollars being spent.

Then we checked out very sparkly tennis shoes.  Gosh, if these would have been available in my size, I would have been tempted to buy a pair.  I would have taken a picture of them, but they are so sparkly - they are called ‘Twinkle Toes’ after all - but there was no way that with the light reflecting off of them, the picture would have turned out.

Actually, I forgot to take the picture.

Then we found the Crocs.  Now, I personally do not have any use for Crocs, but I am not going to hold it against Sammy for liking them.  I am sure they are a very fine shoe.  The nice young sales clerk seemed to be very impressed when I told him what size Croc the Statue of Liberty would wear.  (Size 879).

The only time I embarrassed her (I think it was the only time) was in Justice, a store that caters to the ‘tween’ girls.  I noticed some really cute monkey bras, and I said, “Hey Sammy, look at these cute monkey bras.”  She quickly took a couple of steps away from me and the other customers, then turned to me and whispered, “Don’t say that word out loud!”  What? Bra?  Opps.  I quickly apologized for embarrassing her.  Sammy said in that very sweet voice of hers, “Oh, it’s okay Grandma.”

Next up - the Silly Bandz kiosk.  Silly Bandz, to my surprise, have been around since 2008, but recently have been all the craze in this area.  They are rubber bands that come in every shape and color imaginable and they spring back into their original shape.  The kids wear them around their wrists and trade them with their friends.

The Silly Bandz kiosk had been ransacked and all that was left was a couple of buckets of knock-off bands called Wonky Bands or Wacky Bands.  But, for a price of $3.95 for an envelope of 12 bands in tropical shapes, (I get dibs on the margarita one!) I don’t think the Wonky Band company is hurting.

Next on the list, a trip to the Apple store ‘cause Sammy insisted that I ask if they had an iPhone 4.  I didn’t want to, but that girl is strong.  She grabbed a hold of my arm and drug me all the way in.  Sadly, no iPhone 4’s to be had.  Remember, this way back when, when Apple just came out with the iPhone 4 and quickly sold out of the four phones that they had made.

Back to The Disney Store for Pluto.  I wanted to get a Looz-a-pook for Will - we chose Donald Duck.  Sammy got, and I hope retained on some level, a lesson on pricing and mathematics.  Pluto and Donald were $12.50 /ea or two for $20.00.  She seemed to understand the lesson of potentially saving $5.00 by purchasing them together.

Smoothies at Thirsty’s, a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond and to Target in an ill-fated attempt to find a Whirley-Pop popcorn maker for the Raines household.  We settled on a waffle maker.

Back home for a lunch of Mickey Mouse waffles.  The little lady loves her waffles!  After lunch we did girl stuff like curl our hair and paint our nails.  

And then we did what all proper Southern ladies do in the heat of the afternoon after a morning of shopping, treats and makeovers.

We napped.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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