Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Kitchen Project

This afternoon, Chris, the nice young man from SNC Enterprises is coming to our house to make a template of our kitchen counter. I am hoping, hoping and praying that he has mercy on us and is able to get the counter top done quicker than the 2 -3 weeks he told me yesterday.

Who'd of thought that there is so much demand in Mountain Home, Arkansas for counter tops?

I am too much of a girl to get this technically right, but the previous owner had a whack - a - doodle way he had the kitchen put together.  It involved a whole lot of silicone, original appliances that sat on the sub-floor, not the hardwood and a thinner than usual granite counter top.  All this added up to our new range sitting about 2" to high.

Apparently, that is not good.

Jonathan, the nice young college student who does the odd jobs for us that we are too old and feeble to do ourselves, removed the old counter top while we were in Texas last week and put on plywood that the new granite will sit on, thus raising the counter to the proper height to be able to get the range where it belongs.

I didn't explain that too badly.  For a girl.  And notice how everyone here is 'nice and young'.

All I wanted was to replace the appliances.  Eventually, after the other million or so other projects Randy and I had planned were done, we would tackle the counter tops.  In other words, never.  However, I am not sad to see the black granite go and to be able to mark one thing off of our 'to-do' list.

If the counter top people can't get to us for a couple of weeks, I will be washing dishes in the bathroom and probably will forget how to cook a regular meal, unless it involves the microwave.

The seriously tragic news is that my treasured, fancy dancy espresso maker is on the floor in the dining room.  I guess someone who shall go unnamed thinks it is a great place to store some sort of water supply tubing thingy bobber.

The good news is that with having the range sit in the middle of the kitchen for two weeks, I know now that I don't want to put in an island any time soon.

Have the BEST day ever!

~ Dorothy

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