Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rule Number One...

...If one is going to take pictures, one must keep one's camera with her.

Yesterday morning, about 6 am, when Roxy and I were taking our first walk of the day, I turned my back on Roxy to give her some privacy.  I was facing the house, a bit of a ways down the driveway and it was just getting light out.  The moon right above the house, shining big and bright through the few clouds in the sky.

It would have been a beautiful picture. Had I had my camera with me.  And in this case, the tripod, too.

Pretend it's early morning, sun not yet out, a few clouds in the sky and the moon big and bright right...

Notice how the arrow in my picture is a bit wonky?  I, for the life of me, could not get PhotoShop Elements to cooperate today.  I even had my in-house computer expert help me and he was baffled, too.  What is it about computers and software that something that has worked perfectly before all of a sudden decides to do something completely different?  It was enough to make me almost want to turn to Pretzel M & M's for comfort.

I said almost.

Anyway ~

This morning, Roxy and I were getting a refill on our coffee.  I had just walked out on the deck and heard someone or something tromping through the woods on the other side of me.  I knew that whatever wild beast that was out there was bigger than Roxy.  And I knew that Roxy didn't know that and that not every wild beast is willing to be her friend.

I threw her back in the house.  Well, okay I opened the door and she ran willingly back inside.  It helped that she thought that I was going to chase her. 

She loves for me to chase her.  It is a great and wonderful game she likes to play to steal anything of mine that she can get a hold of, my flip-flops, my dust cloth, a kleenex, anything at all, and play keep-away with me.  Randy thinks it's funny.  I don't.  He's not the elderly one in the family chasing a dog all over the place, inside and out.

I think I'd rather chase her than have her bite me.  Roxy seems to think Randy is one tasty treat.

Anyway ~

I grabbed my camera, came around the side of the deck to see three grownup deer and a fawn.  I scared three of them, even though I was trying hard not to.  One lingered around a second or two longer, staring at me.  I think she really wanted to know if I had a five month old, more beagle than lab puppy that could come out and play.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy 

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