Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yet Another Nice Young Man

The bad news:
The counter tops will take two weeks.

The good news:
The heat pump is fixed, by another nice young man, after 24 miserable hours without air conditioning.

Who knew that Mountain Home had so many of 'em?

And I was hot yesterday.  Not in a Angelina Jolie or a Megan Fox kind of hot.  It was more of a Bea Arthur kind of hot.

Personally, I don't think there is anything hot about Megan Fox, but then again, I am not a male.  I am not all that disappointed that she isn't going to be in the next Transformers movie.  But that’s just me.  It would be okay with me if Shia LaBeouf wasn't in it, either.  Movie people would probably think it would be a good idea to replace them both with the Jonas brother that was dating Demi Lavato and Transformers 3 would be "Transformers Three, the Musical". 

What a mess.

Shaun, Randy and I were talking after Randy and I had seen the last Transformers movie and I asked Shaun if he thought Megan Fox was good looking.  He pretended to take his pulse and then looked at me and said "Yep, still alive.  Of course I think she's good looking!"

Anyway ~

It is never good to have problems with a heat pump so soon after you move into a house.  Well, it’s probably never good to ever have problems with a heat pump.

It is especially never good for the husband of a middle-aged woman when there is no air conditioning.  I took pity on Randy and went grocery shopping.  You see, my car has air conditioned seats.

Ah, air conditioned seats.  I fall in love with my car with every trip to the grocery store.

I don't see why furniture manufacturers don't make couches and recliners that have air conditioning.  There could be a huge market in menopausal women.  Some days, I would give up my first born for an air conditioned couch.  Okay, I don't have a first born, maybe I would consider giving up an electronic device.

Not the iPad, not my camera, maybe the iPhone.

This picture has nothing to do at all with this post.  I am just amazed how dirty my car is.

I read a helpful hint a while back ago.  Fill a sock with white rice (uncooked, of course) seal it up and keep it in the freezer.  This truly is a wonderful trick.  Then I had the bright idea to keep my buckwheat pillow in the freezer, too.  This works great, too.  Sometimes, I grab my sock'o rice and head off to bed.  It stays cool long enough for me to drift off to dream about an recliner with air conditioning. 

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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