Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good News vs Bad News

The good news:

It's getting cooler out.  Hoorr-aaay.  Down to the mid 60's over night and not even to 90 in the next few days.  I even had to put a sweater on when Roxy and I took our morning walk.

The bad news:

Roxy is supposed to be sick.  Other than a temperature and not much of an appetite, I'd never know it.  She is still running and playing and sleeping and biting.  The vet has her on a week's worth of antibiotics and she has to go back to see him next week.  I think she is faking it just so I will carry her and cuddle her.  She doesn't realize that I would do that anyway.  But since she weighs 24 pounds now, I think my carrying her days are dwindling down.  Her and I are going to have to come to some sort of agreement on how she is going to get herself up the stairs to the loft.  She is afraid of the stairs, but likes to sleep on the couch up there.  I am not going to haul a 35 pound dog up and down those steps.

Well, for her I probably will.

The good news:

It is late summer and I still see hummingbirds in the morning.  I am going to put out my feeders.  All the neighbors have deer, but I have yet to see any on our property.  I hear from my in-house wildlife expert that we have to invest in a salt lick to lure them to our house for supper.

Kidding about the supper implication.  We have plenty of other critters, though.  Like geckos.  Lots of geckos.  And grasshoppers that have yellow and black wings.

The bad news:

The kitchen counter tops won't be put in until the week of Labor Day.  Ugh.  Two to three more weeks of a dismantled kitchen.  I think we were hoodwinked when we ordered the granite the middle of July and were told that it would be three weeks to completion at that point.  Unless August isn't in the Arkansas calendar.  Or maybe here, August is treated like Leap Year.  I will have to check that out.

The good news:

Randy is going to jury-rig a sink in the kitchen so I don't have to do the dishes in the bathroom.  And I now have a working stove!  Hoorr-aaay.  With our life disheveled, we certainly have not been eating as well as we should have.  I think at one point, Roxy had more treats and food in the pantry than we did for us.

I always thought the saying was 'jerry-rig', not jury-rig.  Kind of like it's 'paring knife' not 'prairie knife'.

Please note my custom water-resistant plywood counter top.  I may end up in on HGTV and have Vern Yip and Genevieve Gorder come to my house just to point out all that I have done incorrectly in my 'space'.

Randy dislikes immensely 'Design Star'.  He'll kick 'em to the curb.  Unless they come armed with a granite slab the size of my kitchen counters.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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