Saturday, August 21, 2010

To Texas and Back Again

A week ago, Wednesday, Randy and I headed back to North Dallas. I think it was a week ago. It was such a quick, ungodly hot trip, it is just a blur to me now.

I have no plans to make any disparaging remarks about Oklahoma on this trip. Mainly because I forgot to make a note on the one that I thought of and now I can't remember it.

I felt real bad about dropping Roxy at the dog hotel for a couple of days. But she was armed with her food, treats, bed and favorite toys. The ladies at the vet's are really nice and I know that they will treat Roxy well. She may not get the princess treatment that she gets at home, but hey, they are going to give her a bath! I do think that I scared Lindsey, one of the veterinary assistants when I told her that I was going to call every hour to check on how Roxy was coping. I was tempted to give them a chart for them to record Roxy's pee and poops, but 1) I didn't have enough time to make the chart and B) as Randy reminds me quite often, not every one enjoys my sense of humor as much as I do.

A long day of driving and after making a stop at the McKinney house, Randy and I got to Holiday Inn in Frisco. No way was this gal sleeping in an empty house on an inflatable mattress.

Been there, done that.
That ship has sailed. 
Enough is enough.

Plus, the Holiday Inn is close to The Cheesecake Factory. I have a feeling that once we are completely settled in Mountain Home, the only cheesecake that I will find is what comes out of my own oven.

So this trip was very necessary as our movers 'forgot' an odd assortment of items at the McKinney house, one of them being the cheesecake pan.

'Aggravation' is the only thing that describes how I felt seeing what all was left behind. I could understand it if they missed a complete closet or cupboard, but they left behind most of my craft room closet, a few canned goods from the pantry, the toaster, just odd bits from here and there.

These odd bits filled Randy's truck.

I think that Randy and I now realize that our mistake was to leave the movers to load unsupervised. We won't be doing that again. Especially since we are never moving again.

Shaun, Cristy, Will and Sammy treated us to dinner at The Macaroni Grill later that evening. Oh my, was that ever delicious. The glass of Chianti perfect after the long day of driving. Okay, two glasses.  We had a very nice visit with them and made plans to go over to their house on Thursday.

And how is it that Will and Sammy can grow so much in just a couple of weeks since we've seen them?

The other reason for the trip was to meet Nick Carroccio at the McKinney house. Nick, along with three other gentlemen, owns Spit 'n Fire Jigs. Nick is venturing into the custom rod building business and is picking up our equipment and inventory. After a quick lesson on rod building and going through what Nick was taking, we loaded his truck and trailer up and drove off with another part of our life.

We finished with Nick with enough time for cheesecake. Not only did I get my cheesecake fix, Randy and I went to lunch at The California Pizza Kitchen. I am not sure how we spent the rest of the day, but we ended up over at Cristy & Shaun's for Papa Murphy Pizza later in the afternoon.

To try to beat the heat, Randy and I loaded up the remainder of our belongings really, really early on Friday morning. Our goal was to make it back to Mountain Home before 5:30pm to spring Roxy from the dog hotel.

Not only did we get there with a couple of hours to spare, we were also very thankful that we made the trip without any problems. Sometimes when you drive any distance repeatedly, you have the feeling that sooner or later some bad thing is going to befall you.

Roxy and I were very happy to see each other. I am relieved that she seems to have suffered no ill effects from being deserted by us.

If there isn't a Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen or Papa Murphy's Pizza in Mountain Home, I seriously doubt that I would be able to find a canine psychologist.

Have the BEST day ever!
~ Dorothy

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